10 Viral Social Media Campaigns You Can Learn From

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10 Viral Social Media Campaigns You Can Learn From

In a satellite with 7.9 cardinal people, 4.48 billion person societal media accounts. That means much than fractional of the satellite is utilizing societal media. Making it 1 of the astir almighty marketing tools successful the property of integer media.

According to statistics, an mean idiosyncratic presently spends much than 2 hours each time connected societal media. Obviously, galore radical bent retired connected societal media longer than that. It’s nary wonderment past that marketers are perpetually connected the lookout for the adjacent large societal media run ideas.

But portion galore brands are inactive having a hard clip breaking done societal media, immoderate person already launched phenomenal campaigns that catapulted them into the spotlight. Not lone did their income increase, but these campaigns besides made their brands much disposable and recognizable.

So if you’re inactive racking your brains for the champion societal media strategy, present are 10 phenomenal societal media campaigns you tin larn from.

1. #DistanceDance

Company: Procter and Gamble

Platform: TikTok

What They Did


The full run started arsenic a effect of a bid of telephone calls. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine called P&G CEO David Tylor to sermon his interest astir the youngsters not pursuing societal distancing successful his state.

The telephone calls yet reached Debby Reiner, the President for Global Clients astatine Grey Worldwide, a spouse branding bureau of P&G.

The adjacent 24 hours saw the brainstorming of an perfectly superb societal media run called #DistanceDance. To kick-start the campaign, the bureau hired the astir fashionable TikToker Charli D’Amelio to bash a video challenge.

Charli initiated the run with her archetypal region creation video that garnered 8 cardinal views successful a week. It besides inspired youngsters connected TikTok to enactment location and bash their ain #DistanceDance video. The archetypal week ended with astir 1.7 cardinal imitation dances from each benignant of societal media user.

When the situation went viral, P&G utilized the hashtag to commencement a fundraiser for the populations deed hard by the pandemic.

What We Can Learn From It

P&G showed however an enactment tin execute its marque consciousness goals portion keeping up with its firm societal responsibility.

2. Dear Kitten

Company: Friskies (in collaboration with Buzzfeed)

Platform: YouTube

What They Did

Friskies did a video run successful collaboration with Buzzfeed successful 2013. The video has much than 32 cardinal views connected YouTube to date, and it proved to beryllium 1 of the astir palmy societal media campaigns.

The conception was simple. The video shows 2 cats, an aged cat, and a young kitten. The aged feline advises the small kitten successful a quality voice.

The catchy and comic publication hooked the assemblage to the video, and Friskies and Buzzfeed utilized this run to make a viral video bid aft that.

What We Can Learn From It

The video bid proved that comic contented hooks audiences amended than immoderate different benignant of content.

3. #WhatsYourName

Company: Starbucks

Platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

What They Did

Starbucks UK partnered with an enactment named Mermaid to amusement enactment for the sex non-conforming younker and transgender community. Together, they created a TV commercialized that shows the conflict of a transgender teen called Jemma.

But the item of this brilliantly poignant advertisement was erstwhile Jemma uses the sanction ‘James’ erstwhile ordering java astatine Starbucks.

The run aligned 2 concepts. One is the enactment for the transgender community. The different is the acquainted acquisition of ordering java astatine Starbucks and having your sanction written connected the cup.

After the TVC, Starbucks created a societal media run with the hashtag #WhatsYourName.

People utilized the hashtag to station their pictures with a Mermaid process cooky to amusement enactment for the Mermaid community. That hashtag besides worked arsenic a fundraiser for the organization.

What We Can Learn From It

Marketers request to support tabs connected the existent societal issues and usage their level to assistance interruption taboos.

4. #ShotOniPhone

Company: Apple

Platform: Instagram

What They Did


In March 2015, Apple promoted the hashtag #ShotOniPhone connected Instagram. Six years later, the run is still going on and has generated implicit 21.9 cardinal posts to date.

Through the hashtag, Apple has encouraged its users to stock their photos and different user-generated content. It is simply a astute mode to physique marque consciousness done the existing lawsuit basal without paying thing to them.

What We Can Learn From It

User-generated contented tin beryllium a almighty instrumentality to prosecute your people audience.

5. #MoonPieToTheMoon2024

Company: MoonPie

Platform: Twitter

What They Did


MoonPie has made america laughter retired large a batch of times acknowledgment to its hilarious Twitter antics. But recently, it caught the attraction of NASA executives by launching an interestingly innovative ad. They directly addressed NASA to instrumentality their MoonPie to the moon, stating 10 comic reasons for it.

The advertisement became viral done the hashtag #MoonPieToTheMoon2024 erstwhile each MoonPie supporters kept sharing it to enactment the cause. The inclination was adjacent backed by an existent petition connected Change.org that got astir 5000 signatures.

Judging by however the run is going, there’s a large accidental we’ll get to spot an astronaut munching connected a MoonPie portion landing connected the moon.

What We Can Learn From It

Companies tin physique absorbing narratives astir existent events and usage them to make a unsocial marque voice.

6. Sleep Channel

Company: Casper

Platform: Spotify and YouTube

What They Did


Casper, a fashionable mattress marque made a unsocial slumber audio playlist they called the “Sleep Channel”. Hosted connected Spotify and YouTube, the playlist features relaxing tunes that tin assistance lull the listener to sleep. Casper past advertised it connected different societal media platforms specified arsenic Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Considering that they merchantability mattresses, the run was a changeable of brilliance. It rapidly became phenomenal and elevated the marque from a specified mattress shaper to a slumber company.

What We Can Learn From It

Giving your assemblage a unique, out-of-the-box acquisition tin springiness you an borderline implicit your competitors.

7. #BigGameColorCommentary

Company: Pantone

Platform: Twitter

What They Did


Pantone, a colour institution that deals chiefly with graphics, took vantage of the Superbowl to motorboat a superb societal media campaign.

The run came astir erstwhile 2 Superbowl teams (Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers) were some wearing reddish uniforms, albeit with antithetic shades. To wide the confusion, Pantone tweeted an representation that shows the Pantone colors of some team’s uniforms.

Pantone past followed it up by promoting the #BigGameColorCommentary. Using this hashtag, they shared their views astir each the colors they encountered during play. The institution adjacent posted commentary connected the brands that enactment their ads connected the game.

Since it’s the Superbowl, the run became a trending taxable connected Twitter which led to accrued marque visibility for Pantone.

What We Can Learn From It

Marketers request to larn however to efficaciously incorporated large events into their societal media strategies without losing their marque voice.

8. #ShowUs

Company: Dove successful concern with Getty Images

Platform: Instagram

What They Did


Dove is simply a quality marque that, for the past fewer years, has promoted originality and inclusivity for each women. To showcase its marque values, the institution started a run with the hashtag #ShowUs.

This campaign’s thought revolves astir user-generated contented shared connected societal media that encourages assemblage positivity.

To date, the hashtag has gathered much than 650,000 raw, unedited photographs of women.

What We Can Learn From It

Promoting marque values tin disturbance up loyalty among your customers. If your customer’s values coincide with your brand’s values, they are astir apt to instrumentality with the brand.

9. #OptOutside

Company: REI

Platform: Instagram

What They Did


REI is simply a recreational instrumentality institution that stood against the frenzy that came with Black Friday sales. The institution promoted the hashtag #OptOutside by announcing that they volition beryllium closed connected Black Friday.

The hashtag rapidly went viral and present has much than 17 cardinal Instagram posts.

The thought down the run was to curb the consumerism that Black Friday instigates successful the minds of consumers done FOMO.

Using the hashtag, they encouraged radical to spell outdoors alternatively of warring their mode into a buying mall. This, obviously, resonated with a batch of radical who deliberation that mindless buying is not a large mode to walk the holiday.

What We Can Learn From It

Companies should basal for what they judge in, adjacent if they whitethorn not hold with fashionable opinion.

10. #CouldUseABeer

Company: Coors Light

Platform: Twitter

What They Did


Coors Light started the hashtag #CouldUseABeer to cheer up Americans during quarantine. Everyone who retweeted the hashtag received a battalion of six beers. When the run ended, Coors was capable to springiness distant a full of 500,000 beers.

The run was inspired by different giveaway that Coors Light did for a quarantined 93-year-old pistillate who went viral erstwhile she enactment up an “I request much beer” motion connected her window.

What We Can Learn From It

There are really 2 things we tin larn from this campaign. One is that giveaways are a superb mode to summation marque recognition. Another is that marketers should support way of what’s trending connected societal media and usage it to their advantage.

Key takeaways

Social media campaigns usually request cautious readying and timely execution to beryllium successful. But arsenic immoderate of these campaigns person taught us, it doesn’t wounded to leap connected the bandwagon each erstwhile successful a while. Nor should you beryllium acrophobic to deliberation retired of the box, harness the powerfulness of societal media influencers, oregon spell against the flow. Because erstwhile it comes to societal media, your creativity is your lone limit.

Guest author: Mandy Schmitz is simply a freelance advisor and project absorption expert with 10+ years of acquisition moving internationally for large brands successful fintech, user goods, and more. Join her connected Changeaholic.com to larn however to optimize your concern operations and find the latest bundle reviews.

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