4 must watch games in NFL Week 6

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Buffalo Bills v Tennessee TitansPhoto by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

These are the games you person to ticker successful Week 6.

Four pivotal games signifier Week 6 successful the NFL and volition either fto america cognize who’s poised to marque a tally into the playoffs, and who mightiness spot their postseason dreams evaporate already.

If you’re struggling to prime your viewing docket this play we’ve got you covered.

Vikings vs. Panthers, Sunday, 1 p.m. — Fox

This is little astir the crippled itself, and much the stakes astatine play. In a batch of ways this feels similar a contention that volition find whether Minnesota and Carolina person a accidental to vie successful their respective divisions this season.

Since Week 1 I’ve been saying the Vikings are amended than their grounds shows, but that truly doesn’t substance erstwhile you’re astatine 2-3. Minnesota needs a triumph successful the worst imaginable way, and with a brutal agelong coming up against the Cowboys, Ravens and Chargers, this needs to beryllium a triumph if the squad hopes to marque it to the playoffs.

Meanwhile the Panthers are conscionable trying to halt the bleeding. An electrical commencement to the play gave mode to back-to-back losses, and portion they’re decidedly missing Christian McCaffrey and Jaycee Horn, injuries are thing each squad needs to woody with. Based connected their commercialized happiness this twelvemonth there’s a content internally they tin marque a run, truthful present it’s each astir trying to prime up different win, enactment connected the close broadside of the ledger, and hold for Stephon Gilmore to beryllium cleared to play aft Carolina traded for him.

Chargers vs. Ravens, Sunday, 1 p.m. — CBS

This is conscionable going to beryllium fun. We get to spot 2 of the champion young quarterbacks successful the league with Justin Herbert and Lamar Jackson, and 2 of the lone teams who look poised to situation the Bills successful the AFC this year.

Los Angeles has been a delightful astonishment this play and legitimately 1 of the feel-good stories this season. I don’t deliberation anyone saw them being morganatic threats successful the AFC West, fto unsocial present perchance looking similar 1 of the champion teams successful the AFC arsenic a whole. This squad is young, hungry, and looking to beryllium itself.

Meanwhile it’s weird, due to the fact that the Ravens are 4-1 and rolling, but it inactive feels similar an underwhelming play truthful far. I deliberation a batch of this is due to the fact that we’ve seen Baltimore truly conflict with teams similar the Colts and Lions, some of whom would person been assumed to beryllium casual wins. That said, there’s thing to sticking astir and inactive winning games — truthful the impervious is successful the record. This squad is dang good.

Cardinals vs. Browns, Sunday, 4:05 p.m. — CBS

If you went backmost 3 years and told maine that Cardinals vs. Browns would beryllium 1 of the champion games of the week I’d person laughed, but that’s however rapidly some teams person changed their fortunes.

At this constituent Arizona looks damn adjacent unbeatable. They’ve go a truly well-rounded shot squad successful 2021, and not conscionable a passing squad without overmuch much to offer.

Meanwhile the Browns haven’t had the blistery commencement to the play Cleveland fans hoped, but successful a batch of ways the AFC North inactive feels wide open, and astatine 3-2 they’re good wrong striking region to marque a play for the top.

Bills vs. Titans, Monday, 8:15 p.m. — ESPN

No bones astir it, the Titans person been a immense disappointment this play — adjacent with their 3-2 record. Now, it’s not similar there’s truly anyone other successful the AFC South who tin situation Tennessee, but frankincense acold the unbeatable discourtesy they had connected insubstantial aft trading for Julio Jones.

I honestly don’t cognize if the Titans tin bent with the Bills, who look unbeatable truthful far, but that begins and ends with Derrick Henry. Unquestionably the champion backmost successful the league, Henry is tearing it up again this season, and the Bills person an highly bully tally defense, allowing conscionable 3.7 yards per carry. Either mode this volition beryllium 1 to watch, conscionable to spot Henry tally into that defense, and of course, Josh Allen airy it up.

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