4 winners and 3 losers from Week 5 in the NFL

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New York Giants v Dallas CowboysPhoto by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Cowboys merit respect, adjacent if you hatred them.

“How ‘bout them Cowboys?” A saying that started with Jimmy Johnson successful 1992 has go unquestionably 1 of the astir annoying successful sports for the past 3 decades. For years it’s epitomized everything that frustrates 31 different fanbases astir Dallas. The over-exposure, the endless promises that “this is gonna beryllium their year,” and the vexation of hitting mid-season and wondering wherefore a 3-5 squad inactive has 4 primetime games near connected the schedule.

I cognize there’s a propulsion by a batch of fans to disregard Dallas, arsenic if it someway paying them nary caput and downplaying their accomplishments volition someway close the cosmic imbalance of being an every-week talking constituent — but the information is, it’s intolerable to disregard them this season.

This isn’t truly astir Dallas beating the Giants connected Sunday, I mean not really. It’s much astir what the Cowboys aren’t doing this season, and what they didn’t bash against New York: Blow it. This has benignant of been the Cowboys modus operandi for the past respective years. They look supremely talented and acceptable to instrumentality power of the NFC East, past inexplicably play down to their contention successful melodramatic fashion, often dropping games they should person won.

Now sitting astatine 4-1, the squad is firing connected each cylinders. For the archetypal clip successful a very, precise agelong clip it feels similar everything is coming together, and there’s nary discernible weakness to their crippled — and that’s what’s truthful unsocial astir this season. In the past you’d person explosive offenses successful Dallas, paired with unspeakable defense. Then possibly it each comes together, but the effect is underperformance due to the fact that of atrocious coaching. This play truthful far? I can’t truly find responsibility with overmuch the Cowboys are doing.

It’s truly early, I know, but I’m starting to get immoderate superior Andy Reid vibes retired of Mike McCarthy. It remains to beryllium seen if the scenery alteration tin effect successful thing adjacent to the occurrence Reid has had successful Kansas City, and there’s plentifulness much clip needed to beryllium it — but I dunno, I conscionable truly similar what I’ve seen from a coaching perspective.

McCarthy came successful and stressed the request for Dallas to beryllium much assertive connected defence and unit turnovers, which is simply a complimentary strategy to an explosive offense. If you tin simply make much violative bid with a squad that tin people astatine will, past it benignant of goes without saying that you’re going to triumph shot games. With a league-leading 10 interceptions this season, the Cowboys are 2nd successful the NFL successful turnover differential astatine a +7 connected the season, and it’s impervious affirmative that McCarthy’s constituent of accent is paying dividends.

Now, it besides helps erstwhile you inherit immoderate of the champion violative weapons successful the NFL. Let’s not gloss that over. Dak Prescott is playing phenomenal shot close now, which is truly large to spot pursuing his 2020 play going down the drain with injury, and Ezekiel Elliot is backmost to being a ascendant backmost the ‘Boys tin trust connected to springiness them 100 gait games whenever their request them. The receiving weapons Dallas has are disconnected the charts excessively — making it a nightmare for opposing antiaircraft coordinators.

I’m not wholly definite however you tin beryllium expected to screen CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper erstwhile there’s an emerging walk catching menace successful choky extremity Dalton Schultz, an unheralded prima for Dallas this season. As it stands, cipher truly knows however to halt this either, due to the fact that the Cowboys are averaging 34 points a game.

So, hatred connected them if you indispensable — but close present if idiosyncratic asks “How bout them Cowboys?” you should truly conscionable accidental “they’re damn good,” due to the fact that thing other would beryllium disingenuous.

Winner: Davante Adams

I’m not definite Packers fans would beryllium comfy with the operation “overtime shootout with the Cincinnati Bengals,” I mean, it’s not precisely a confidence-building phrase. That said, the Bengals truly aren’t a atrocious squad and I kinda thought this 1 was going to beryllium close.

The leader successful each this wasn’t Aaron Rodgers arsenic astir radical expect, and wholly connected the brilliance of Davante Adams, who contempt being Green Bay’s lone existent receiver, someway was uncoverable. Adams enactment the squad connected his backmost with 11 catches for 206 yards and a touchdown. That’s simply a phenomenal complaint that Cincinnati had nary reply for each afternoon.

To his credit, Ja’Marr Chase was phenomenal connected the different broadside of the shot and deserves immoderate props excessively — but the borderline goes to the winner, and a subordinate who had his fig called over, and over, and implicit again, and didn’t falter.

Loser: Carolina Panthers

I saw this 1 coming, but it doesn’t suck immoderate little for Panthers fans. When we were talking astir determination being 5 undefeated teams near successful the NFL aft Week 3 I listed Carolina’s blistering commencement arsenic the squad being a “pretender.” They won connected the backmost of immoderate large play, sure, but besides truly atrocious opponents.

After playing the Cowboys adjacent past week I thought determination was a glimmer of anticipation I was wrong. Maybe this squad was legit and acceptable to bent with the NFC’s elite ... past they suffer 21-18 to the Eagles aft giving up 15 points successful the 2nd half, aft much oregon little shutting retired Philly successful the first.

Yeah, it decidedly doesn’t assistance erstwhile Sam Darnold throws 3 picks, but the issues with Carolina’s roster are becoming highly pronounced. Namely: They person nary violative line. Really, the Panthers person much oregon little been ignoring the o-line for the amended portion of a decade, and present their chickens are coming location to roost.

I don’t spot this vessel turning astir for the Panthers. Their tally was amusive portion it lasted.

Winner: Kyle Pitts

The No. 4 wide prime has been good this season, but until this constituent determination was thing truly to marque you accidental “damn, that’s wherefore helium was a choky extremity taken with the 4th wide pick.” Pitts’ crippled successful London changed each that.

Finishing with 9 catches for 119 yards and a touchdown, it felt similar the country has truly been turned connected this squad learning conscionable however explosive the rookie tin be. Until this constituent it felt similar determination had been immoderate trepidation from the Falcons successful conscionable unleashing him and making Pitts a focal constituent of the offense, and present that’s changed.

I can’t assistance but consciousness similar this was conscionable the archetypal successful a long, agelong drawstring of 100 gait games to travel successful his vocation — and much importantly: I deliberation Atlanta and Matt Ryan present cognize they tin enactment the crippled connected Pitts’ shoulders and travel distant with a bully result.

Loser: Jon Gruden

Never 1 to beryllium upstaged, it’s similar Jon Gruden saw Urban Meyer’s disastrous week and said “I’ll person what he’s having.”

Instead of focusing connected shot for the back-end of the week, Gruden was mired successful contention arsenic emails from 2011 surfaced that revealed the Raiders manager making a racist remark astir NFLPA main DeMaurice Smith. It enactment Gruden connected the backmost foot, apologizing aggregate times to his squad earlier the crippled connected Sunday, past apologizing to them again aft their 20-9 nonaccomplishment to the Bears.

Las Vegas looked listless, and played without an borderline oregon purpose. This was the polar other than what we’ve seen from them this play — and 1 has to ideate the email played a relation this week successful distracting the squad from their focus.

Now we’ll hold to spot if Gruden’s racist remark volition origin capable discord to derail the Raiders’ season.

Loser: Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer is simply a loser.

Sorry, that’s a spot brief. Urban Meyer is simply a loser who enjoys blaming different radical erstwhile helium loses.

Meyer said astir the 4th and 1 play from the 1 “I don’t micromanage who is successful the game.” pic.twitter.com/Vzdyn7QDqD

— Jamal St. Cyr (@JStCyrTV) October 10, 2021

This came successful effect to a question astir wherefore the Jaguars gave the shot to backup moving backmost Carlos Hyde connected a 4th and 1 erstwhile starting backmost James Robinson was gashing the Titans for 8.3 yards per carry.

Here I americium reasoning it’s precisely a caput coach’s occupation to question unit decisions successful perchance game-altering situations, but what bash I know?

Winner: Justin Herbert

Herbert is making a location connected this broadside of the ledger each week, and deservedly so. At this constituent he’s ascended from “great rookie QB,” to conscionable “great QB,” and there’s nary mode of arguing it.

The Chargers crippled connected Sunday against the Browns was a slug fest. Neither squad were capable halt each different connected offense, causing a ludicrously amusive 47-42 Chargers triumph successful which Herbert was damn-near perfect. He finished the time 26-of-43 for 398 yards and 4 touchdowns.

The lone backmost amended this week was Tom Brady who was connected implicit fire, but I decided to omit lone due to the fact that “Tom Brady doing Tom Brady things against Miami” is simply a small excessively aged chapeau to gush over.

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