6 burning questions entering Week 5 of the NFL

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 Detroit Lions astatine  Chicago BearsQuinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Can Justin Fields shine? Can the Rams get backmost connected track? Will Urban Meyer survive?

We’re approaching the one-third people into the play and the lone happening I tin accidental for definite is that I person nary thought what’s happening this year. I cognize I accidental that each week, but I’m going to support saying it until it’s nary longer true.

Everything inactive feels up for grabs astatine a clip we tin usually person immoderate reasonably beardown feeling connected however the play is shaping up. There are truthful galore teams underperforming expectations, and others doing vastly amended than we imagined — and that’s each rolling unneurotic to make tremendous unpredictability.

Here’s what I privation to find retired successful Week 5:

No. 1: Can Urban Meyer past this week?

It’s been an implicit messiness for the Jaguars disconnected the tract acknowledgment to Urban Meyer, and it’s lone getting worse. There are reports he’s mislaid the locker room, and present Jacksonville has a brutal divisional crippled against the Titans.

More important than winning this crippled is taking banal of however they perform. Keep successful caput the Titans look anemic this season, and they’re conscionable coming disconnected a nonaccomplishment to the Jets. That makes Week 5 the champion clip to get an existent consciousness for what the Urban Meyer epoch successful Jacksonville is.

I mean, if Zach Wilson tin conflict on with the Jets and bushed Tennessee, past the Jaguars get blown out, what does it say? The Jets are a likewise atrocious team, besides taking lumps with a rookie QB, and led by a first-year coach. The anticipation should perfectly beryllium that the Jags tin play the Titans close, and if they don’t, well, I honestly don’t cognize however agelong it’ll beryllium earlier the plug is pulled.

No. 2: Can the Rams bounce backmost from adversity?

Los Angeles had their asses handed to them by the Cardinals conscionable arsenic everyone was getting connected the Rams hype wagon. Now they look the Seahawks connected abbreviated remainder successful a divisional crippled that has immense ramifications for some teams.

The NFC West is simply a minefield and everyone is talented. The Rams request to get backmost connected way and beryllium their atrocious nonaccomplishment was a hiccup they tin determination past, alternatively than getting mislaid successful the infinitesimal and struggling to travel back. Meanwhile the Seahawks needs a triumph to support up successful the race, truthful there’s everything to play for.

It has been reasonably creaseless sailing for the Rams up until past week, truthful their demeanor connected Thursday nighttime is everything.

No. 3: Are the Panthers acceptable to beryllium they weren’t a fluke?

Starting the play 3-0, the Panthers had a sobering acquisition arsenic they faced the Cowboys and lost. It ended up being a reasonably adjacent game, but it was wide Dallas had their number. Now, going from playing atrocious teams to Dallas was similar turning the dial up to 11 immediately, but Week 5 against the Eagles is simply a antithetic story.

Carolina seems to beryllium going all-in this year, making bold trades similar acquiring Stephon Gilmore and determination seems to beryllium an interior content they tin marque a run. That doesn’t hap if they can’t bushed talented, but middling teams similar the Eagles.

A nonaccomplishment to Philly would amusement this was a insubstantial tiger to commencement the season. A convincing triumph could propulsion them backmost successful the speech arsenic a squad to watch.

No. 4: Can the Bengals daze everyone?

The astonishing Cincinnati Bengals are astatine 3-1 and atop the AFC North, erstwhile astir would person considered them the worst squad successful the division. They’ve been softly getting the occupation done portion the absorption has been connected different teams, present they request to beryllium they are a morganatic threat.

That won’t beryllium casual against the Packers, who person moved past their Week 1 catastrophe and look arsenic ascendant arsenic they did a twelvemonth ago. Green Bay is the cleanable benignant of connection crippled for Joe Burrow and institution to beryllium they’re legit this season, and a triumph could truly mean looking astatine them person arsenic a squad that could triumph the division.

No. 5: Can Justin Fields shine?

It’s going to beryllium a unsmooth Week 5 for the Bears against a Raiders squad looking to bounce backmost pursuing a crushing nonaccomplishment to the Chargers. However, this is the benignant of cleanable crippled for a rookie similar Fields to interruption retired and summation immoderate confidence.

Las Vegas is an unthinkable squad offensively, but their defence has been precise suspect. This volition enactment the unit connected Chicago’s defence to perform, portion allowing their rookie QB plentifulness of accidental to marque plays and beryllium to everyone wherefore helium was a apical prospect.

No substance what happens it’ll beryllium excessively aboriginal to constitute disconnected Fields, but a large crippled volition enactment wonders successful giving him thing to physique off.

No. 6: Can the Chiefs crook this around?

Kansas City fans are not blessed with the Chiefs’ 2-2 commencement to the season, putting them astatine the bottommost of the AFC West — but there’s an unwavering content this squad volition enactment it unneurotic and instrumentality to dominance. That cannot hap without a triumph against Buffalo.

This is 1 of those games you’d person circled earlier the play arsenic 1 to watch, but besides an good spot to possibly driblet 1 if you’re a Chiefs fan. The lone problem: You apt thought the squad would beryllium 4-0 close present aft games against the Browns, Ravens, Chargers and Eagles.

Kansas City gave up 2 games which should person been wins, meaning they request to execute against overmuch amended opponents. If the Chiefs suffer they simply excavation this spread deeper, and astatine immoderate constituent each the instrumentality religion successful the satellite won’t beryllium capable to propulsion themselves out.

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