6 burning questions entering Week 6 in the NFL

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 Tennessee Titans astatine  Jacksonville JaguarsJasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

This is what we’re watching for successful Week 6.

As we attack the midway constituent successful the play the league is moving successful 4 chiseled directions. There are the large teams looking to support their streaks alive, the mediate of the battalion trending up, the mediate trending down, and the worst successful the league who, well, bless their hearts.

This week I person six large questions I’m funny to spot answered successful the slate.

Can the Jaguars really triumph one?

London is being cursed again with retired of the worst games imaginable, this clip getting to spot the Jaguars play the Dolphins. However, the redeeming grace is that the assemblage mightiness get to beryllium the archetypal to spot Trevor Lawrence volition an NFL game.

If Jacksonville can’t bushed Miami I truly person nary thought however agelong it’ll beryllium earlier they tin get a victory. In the 4 weeks pursuing London they play the Seahawks, Bills, Colts and 49ers — each of whom should beryllium capable to bushed the beleaguered Jaguars.

The Dolphins are successful dire request of a confidence-boosting triumph too, but I wouldn’t beryllium amazed if Urban Meyer conscionable stays successful the U.K. and takes a occupation arsenic a shot manager if the Jaguars suffer again.

Who wants it much betwixt the Vikings and Panthers?

Both Minnesota and Carolina are truly rather akin teams but successful antithetic positions. The Vikings are decidedly underperforming expectations this play entering the week astatine 2-3, portion the Panthers person fallen disconnected and are present 3-2 aft their unbeaten start.

If the Panthers privation to vie they person to find ways to support Sam Darnold. Early successful the twelvemonth Carolina was capable to mitigate atrocious extortion by utilizing Christian McCaffrey arsenic an outlet threat, but without needing to interest astir him catching the shot retired of the level teams person been capable to tee disconnected connected the violative line.

Meanwhile the Vikings conscionable request to get it together. There’s thing that glaring astir however they’re playing, but penalties person wounded the squad a batch — and they support playing down to competition. If Minnesota privation to bent successful the NFC North they request to marque a connection this week.

Will the Chargers support passing their tests?

The Chargers person been a delight this play and sitting astatine 4-1 they’re successful large signifier to support power of the AFC West.

They’ve beaten truly coagulated teams similar the Chiefs, Raiders and Browns — present they’re facing the Ravens successful a brutal agelong to their season. I’m funny to spot if they tin support performing against apical teams.

How volition the Raiders look this week?

Tumultuous doesn’t statesman to explicate the week Las Vegas has had, and we don’t request to sermon Jon Gruden immoderate more, but it volition beryllium absorbing to spot however the squad responds. They were unquestionably level against the Bears successful Week 5, and present they look the Broncos successful an AFC West contest.

Their playoff hopes could hinge connected this game.

Can the Bengals debar a trap game?

The Bengals are amended than anyone expected this season, and caller disconnected a brutal overtime nonaccomplishment to the Packers successful which they pushed Green Bay to the limit. In Week 6 they look the Lions, a crippled they should triumph based connected past results, but this is precise overmuch a trap game.

This week Cincinnati faces, Detroit a squad connected the rise, truthful it’s not similar they’re a unspeakable squad — but if the Bengals look past them to the Ravens, it could beryllium a problem.

Do the Browns person the tools to halt Kyler Murray?

The Browns are battling it retired successful the brutal AFC North and request a triumph successful bid to support successful measurement with the division. That’s going to beryllium brutal considering they person to play Kyler Murray and the undefeated Cardinals.

Arizona is doing everything close astatine the moment, and there’s nary azygous mode to bushed them anymore — but stopping Murray is cardinal to immoderate strategy. Or, astatine least, you request to dilatory him down a little. The Cleveland defence has been good, but not ascendant yet this season. Considering the Ravens are connected the uptick, and the Bengals are amended than expected, the Browns can’t spend a atrocious nonaccomplishment here.

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