6 coaches the Raiders should look at to be their new head coach

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The Las Vegas Raiders are successful turmoil, but yet capable to crook the corner. Jon Gruden resigned connected Monday nighttime pursuing 5 days of tumult, which reached a crescendo soon earlier Monday Night Football erstwhile the New York Times released different study of misogynistic, racist and homophobic emails sent by Gruden to Bruce Allen, astatine the clip a subordinate of the Washington beforehand office.

Raiders fans are acceptable to determination past this shameful era. Gruden’s resignation was unquestionably needed arsenic it grew wide helium was losing the locker room, but it’s inactive unneeded instability astatine a clip the squad had yet go poised to compete. It’s unclear if Las Vegas tin get things backmost connected way this play with interim manager Rich Bisaccia, but it’s highly apt Las Vegas volition prosecute a caller manager successful the offseason.

Who should the Raiders look at? Well, this is simply a lawsuit wherever the boring choices are the close one.

Phil Snow, Carolina Panthers antiaircraft coordinator

Snow, who has extended NFL and assemblage experience, has been attached to Matt Rhule’s hep since the brace worked unneurotic astatine Temple successful 2013. A highly regarded antiaircraft coordinator, Snow added an borderline to a Carolina defence this play that lacked a batch of prima power.

Don’t fto Carolina’s caller struggles fool you. This is simply a squad with an elite defense, and an discourtesy that has evaporated acknowledgment to Christian McCaffrey’s injury, paired with a non-existent violative line. Snow has proven helium tin bolster a defence and pb a team, which is precisely what the Raiders need.

Las Vegas has 1 of the champion offenses successful the NFL, and an highly mediocre defense. Snow volition adhd the stableness the squad needs to determination connected from Gruden and crook the page.

Eric Bieniemy, Kansas City Chiefs violative coordinator

This marks the 3rd twelvemonth successful which radical are wondering however the hellhole Bieniemy doesn’t person a caput coaching job. Interviewing for astir openings implicit the past 2 years, the violative coordinator is liable for turning the Chiefs into a juggernaut.

Sure, determination are reports Bieniemy doesn’t interrogation good — but who cares? The antheral is 1 of the astir talented violative minds the league has seen successful the past decade. This would beryllium a prosecute that could bolster the Raiders’ already bully discourtesy into the stratosphere, and if helium tin find a bully antiaircraft caput for the different broadside of the ball, could pb to thing special.

It’s ridiculous Bieniemy doesn’t person a occupation yet, and extended acquisition with an in-division rival is conscionable the icing connected the cake. This makes a ton of sense.

Don Martindale, Baltimore Ravens antiaircraft coordinator

Martindale is different coach, who similar Phil Snow, would assistance revitalize the Raiders defense. There’s besides a bully borderline present with Martindale being the Raiders’ linebackers manager from 2004-08, and we cognize Mark Davis loves to bring radical backmost into the fold.

The Ravens aren’t the antiaircraft juggernaut they’ve been successful the past, but successful a batch of ways this is due to the fact that they’re inactive revamping their secondary and transitioning retired of losing galore antiaircraft legends successful the past respective years.

It’s a prosecute that wouldn’t determination the needle, but gosh — I deliberation the Raiders could usage immoderate boring stability.

Brian Daboll, Buffalo Bills violative coordinator

Already 1 of the hottest commodities connected the market, Daboll elected to enactment with the Bills 1 much twelvemonth successful pursuit of a Super Bowl. Widely credited for processing an discourtesy that allowed Josh Allen to shine, Daboll comes from the Bill Belichick coaching tree, but dissimilar different past failures, it seems he’s amended suited to pivot that different coaches leaving the Patriots.

There volition beryllium sizeable contention for Daboll’s services successful the offseason, and it’s highly apt determination volition beryllium a agelong wait, if the Bills marque the heavy postseason tally astir expect. It remains to beryllium seen if the Raiders beforehand bureau and ownership are good perchance waiting a portion to get a coach.

Keith Butler, Pittsburgh Steelers antiaircraft coordinator

A antiaircraft caput since 1990, Butler was the heir evident to Dick LeBeau successful Pittsburgh, and that’s a hellhole of an endorsement.

It’s unclear if Butler would beryllium unfastened to leaving Pittsburgh aft waiting truthful agelong to instrumentality over, but we’re reaching a pivot constituent wherever wholesale alteration could beryllium happening with the Steelers. That could pb to Butler jumping vessel early, particularly if it’s for a caput coaching job.

This is different prosecute that could easy beryllium characterized arsenic “boring,” which tends to hap erstwhile there’s a antiaircraft caput taking implicit — but that tin often pb to success.

Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss caput coach

I hatred it. It’s bad. Everyone is talking astir it, truthful we person to arsenic well. Bringing Kiffin backmost to the Raiders is the astir painfully evident “typical Raiders” move, and I deliberation it would beryllium disastrous.

Don’t get maine wrong, Kiffin has grown a TON arsenic a manager since his archetypal NFL stint, which was an abject disaster, but that doesn’t mean it’s the close determination for the Raiders now. Kiffin would beryllium a big, splashy, headline-making prosecute — and the squad needs to beryllium quiet, enactment their heads down, and enactment connected getting better.

If the squad wants to person an violative caput astatine the helm I deliberation determination are acold amended NFL options available, without diving into assemblage ranks.

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