After suing third-party manufacturers, Sony is looking at launching its own custom PS5 faceplates

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PS5 faceplates are coming soon, according to Sony’s latest patent. The PS5 faceplates remained a taxable of contention ever since the motorboat of the gaming console. Third-party sheet makers similar dbrand attempted to motorboat their ain customized PS5 faceplate respective months agone but Sony struck them down with a lawsuit. 

Finally, a twelvemonth aft the motorboat of the PS5, Sony seems connected the way to releasing authoritative PS5 faceplates. Although nary authoritative connection from Sony’s broadside suggests immoderate PS5 faceplate launch, the repeated lawsuits from the console shaper bash constituent towards an authoritative merchandise motorboat successful the adjacent future. 

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Latest Dual consciousness Controller Suggests PS5 Faceplate Launch

Sony precocious released a PS5 Dual consciousness controller successful Red-Black accents further supporting the mentation that it could merchandise caller peculiar variation gaming consoles successful the future. For the PS4, we saw aggregate constricted variation colours based connected fashionable titles similar Spiderman, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Last of Us and galore more. 

Sony hasn’t had immoderate large first-party merchandise since PS5’s motorboat past year. Two large PlayStation workplace games - Horizon Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok - are acceptable to merchandise successful 2022. As a result, we tin astir apt spot a customized Faceplate oregon a constricted variation PS5 adjacent year. 

Sony besides has a clump of marque caller IPs coming to this procreation including Marvel’s Wolverine and Ghostwire: Tokyo, truthful PS5 volition astir apt person much customized oregon constricted variation units compared to PS4. 

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