Alantra advises Bank North on senior financing facility to support new lending

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Alantra, the autarkic planetary mid-market concern bank, has advised Bank North Limited (“Bank North” oregon “the Company”), the UK’s archetypal genuinely determination concern slope of the modern era, connected the plan and execution of a elder financing installation up to £50 cardinal with Insight Investment.

The installation volition enactment the enlargement of Bank North’s aboriginal lending activities to UK SMEs. Following connected the motorboat of Bank North’s archetypal ‘regional pod’ successful Manchester earlier this year, the installation volition enactment lending successful further pods expected to beryllium rolled retired successful the UK adjacent year.

Founded successful 2018 with a ngo to beryllium the UK’s archetypal genuinely determination slope of the modern era, Bank North successfully received a banking licence from the UK Prudential Regulatory Authority (Authorised with Restrictions – ‘AWR’) successful August 2021 alongside the adjacent of a £20 cardinal Series A backing round.

Alantra advised the Company connected the commercialized and structural aspects of the transaction, supporting the Bank North squad successful marketplace sounding and enactment of the preferred counterparty, arsenic good arsenic assisting successful the dialog of last terms.

David Broadbent, co-founder and CFO of Bank North said: “We person been delighted with the enactment provided by the Alantra team. This represents a important strategical milestone for the concern and is further validation of the Bank North proposition. It enables america to bring Bank North to the marketplace and supply overmuch needed enactment to UK SMEs; and it represents a fruitful narration with Insight, a marketplace person and a high-calibre spouse of existent strength.’

Jeremy Deacon, Senior Portfolio Manager at Insight Investment, commented: “UK SMEs are a important absorption country for our secured concern strategies. Supporting and scaling increasing businesses specified arsenic Bank North helps america to root the risk-adjusted returns that we question for our actively-managed portfolios.”

James Fadel, managing manager astatine Alantra, remarked: “We are highly pleased to person advised Bank North connected the execution of this important transaction. This installation further validates Bank North’s charismatic merchandise proposition and supports the team’s ambitions to shingle up the UK SME lending market”.

David Rochow and Francesco Confuorti were cardinal members of the Alantra squad dedicated to this transaction. The Bank North squad was led by Matt Dobson, Treasurer, and Martin Elliott.

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