Amazon Visa Ban Hack: Curve continues to allow users to pay by Visa Credit on Amazon

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 Curve, the fiscal ace app which combines each of your debit, recognition and loyalty cards into one, easy-to-use astute card, is the lone solution that allows Visa Credit cardholders to proceed spending connected Amazon aft the prohibition comes successful connected Wednesday 19th January.

From Wednesday, Amazon volition nary longer judge Visa recognition cards issued successful the UK but the Curve solution does let customers to wage via their Visa Credit cards with Amazon. Curve brings each of your debit, recognition and loyalty cards into one, easy-to-use astute card, meaning users tin inactive wage with Visa Credit cards done Curve.

Through Curve, customers tin walk from immoderate of their accounts via 1 card, with 1 pin, and seamlessly negociate oregon determination wealth wrong the Curve app.  Adding debit and recognition cards is harmless and easy. Curve use’s bank-level information and nary delicate information is ever saved connected your phone. The lawsuit needs to participate their paper details oregon scan their paper to upload it to their integer Curve Wallet.

Shachar Bialick, Founder and CEO of Curve, comments: “We’re arrogant to alteration customers to proceed paying with their Visa Credit cards aft the changes travel successful connected Wednesday. Amazon’s determination to halt accepting payments utilizing UK-issued Visa recognition cards volition harm a immense fig of customers. Consumers without a Financial super-app are losing prime and flexibility erstwhile it comes to their finances. Curve is the lone solution successful the UK that tin offset this determination by Amazon. Users volition inactive beryllium capable to usage their Visa Credit via Curve to store astatine Amazon portion continuing to gain their Bank’s rewards.”

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