Anonymous leaks gigabytes of data from Epik, web host of Gab and Parler

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Anonymous leaks gigabytes of information  from Epik, web big   of Gab and Parler

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Hacktivist corporate Anonymous claims to person obtained gigabytes of information from Epik, the web big for the Texas GOP, Gab, Parler, and 8chan, among different right-wing sites. The stolen information has been released arsenic a torrent. The hacktivist corporate says that the information set, which is implicit 180GB successful size, contains a "decade's worthy of information from the company."

Anonymous says the information acceptable is "all that's needed to hint existent ownership and absorption of the fascist broadside of the Internet that has eluded researchers, activists, and, well, conscionable astir everybody." If this accusation is correct, Epik's customers' information and identities could present autumn into the hands of activists, researchers, and conscionable astir anyone funny capable to instrumentality a peek.

Decades of Epik stuff, present successful a torrent adjacent you

Epik is a domain registrar and web services supplier known to service right-wing clients, immoderate of which person been turned down by much mainstream IT providers owed to the objectionable and sometimes illicit contented hosted by the clients.

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