Apple Could Face Probe in S. Korea Over Payment Rules 

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Apple whitethorn beryllium facing an probe by the authorities of South Korea implicit whether the tech elephantine is genuinely complying with the nation’s caller requirements dealing with its outgo systems. 

As Reuters reported Friday (Oct. 15), the contented stems from South Korea’s caller changes to the Telecommunication Business Act successful an effort to forestall tech giants Apple and Google for charging developers commissions connected in-app purchases. 

The instrumentality went into effect successful September, with Apple telling the authorities of South Korea that it was already successful compliance and didn’t request to update its app store policy. 

“This goes against the intent of the amended law,” 1 Korean Communications Commission authoritative said, asking for anonymity arsenic the authorities was inactive successful talks with Apple. 

The KCC volition inquire Apple’s South Korean operations for a caller argumentation that gives much autonomy successful outgo methods. If Apple doesn’t comply, the KCC volition see conducting a fact-finding probe up of imaginable fines oregon different penalties.

The KCC authoritative said Google had informed the committee it would comply with the instrumentality and let third-party outgo systems and would sermon the substance with the KCC adjacent week. 

Neither Google oregon Apple replied to requests for comment.  

Apple has much to suffer present than Google, said Jung Jong-chae, a lawyer who specializes successful antitrust matters. 

“(The) differences betwixt Apple and Google successful willingness to springiness crushed whitethorn beryllium due to the fact that Apple controls everything from hardware to operating strategy (OS) to app marketplace to outgo system,” helium said, “and (Apple) has much to suffer if its dominance breaks connected immoderate front, which could pb to calls for openness connected different fronts.

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This quality comes a week aft Apple announced it was appealing a ruling successful an antitrust lawsuit brought by Epic Games, creator of Fortnite. Epic is already appealing the judge’s uncovering successful that lawsuit that Apple’s outgo rules person not violated antitrust law. 

The aforesaid ruling ordered Apple to halt prohibiting app developers from including buttons oregon links successful their apps that alteration payments extracurricular of Apple’s in-app outgo system. 

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