Banking infrastructure provider Nexpay partners with compliance SaaS Ondato

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Nexpay, the banking infrastructure supplier for the integer assets industry, has partnered with Ondato, moving each KYC, AML, and e-signature processes done Ondato’s compliance absorption platforms. Nexpay volition summation an summation successful information and usability for its customers portion Ondato continues to amusement that its compliance platforms are suitable to the astir demanding usage cases, specified arsenic the rapidly processing and fraud-prone satellite of integer assets.

The commencement of Bitcoin marked the opening of an epoch for integer assets, and with this milestone present lone 12 years successful the past, the manufacture remains 1 of volatile change. However, the heady days of wholly unregulated crypto are rapidly coming to an end; the expanding legitimacy of integer currencies and integer assets paves the mode for a fig of companies to supply services successful banking infrastructure, regulation, exchange, storage, and instauration of this caller signifier of value. At the aforesaid time, the pandemic-induced summation successful online surviving has enactment added unit connected the quality of immoderate concern to behaviour transactions online.

Ondato provides Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) bundle arsenic good arsenic e-signature services for a wide scope of industries, including insurance, banking, e-commerce, and immoderate different institution that requires robust authentication protocols. Nexpay is simply a startup providing banking infrastructure specified arsenic accounts and payments to a wide assortment of businesses moving successful the integer assets industry.

“I wouldn’t accidental we’d beryllium dormant without Ondato, but fundamentally we’d beryllium dead,” said Nexpay CEO Uldis Teraudkalns. “The operation of robust information and white-label readiness that Ondato provides, arsenic good arsenic the fantastic lawsuit work and easiness of usage of the platform, each basal retired to america arsenic industry-leading. Ondato gives maine bid of mind, which allows maine to absorption connected making Nexpay amended astatine what it does best: helping physique the adjacent procreation of fiscal exertion businesses successful the integer assets industry.”

“Ondato’s main ngo is to make worth by turning compliance into a concern benefit, providing a work that passes the highest information requirements,” said Ondato’s CEO and co-founder Liudas Kanapienis. “Our KYC compliance suite tin dramatically chopped down connected immoderate instances of fraud wrong Nexpay’s lawsuit platforms. We’re blessed to bring different fintech manufacture subordinate connected board. This reassures Ondato’s presumption arsenic a trustworthy state for future-focused manufacture members who privation to signifier their processes utilizing modern and harmless methods.”

Nexpay’s customized compliance services volition see an automated ID verification strategy and an SMS signature. These volition necessitate a valid ID document, a selfie, and a telephone number, creating a broad solution that is elemental capable for users but analyzable capable to beryllium harmless against fraud attempts.

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