Bills lose to the Titans on a controversial 4th down play call

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What bash you deliberation astir this call?

It’s incredibly important to person assurance successful your team, but the Bills went a small excessively acold connected Monday Night Football. After the Titans were rolling the Bills had a accidental to nonstop the crippled to overtime, alternatively they went for the triumph and it backfired.

With 22 seconds near connected the timepiece connected a 4th and 1 down astatine the extremity line, down by 3 points the evident determination would beryllium to footwear the tract extremity and play into overtime, but Buffalo thought they could nonstop the crippled location and people the touchdown.

The Bills spell for it connected 4th down and the @Titans halt 'em! #Titans

— NFL (@NFL) October 19, 2021

The squad called John Allen’s fig connected a backmost sneak. Allen took the drawback and mislaid his footing, getting held up for nary summation and costing the Bills a accidental astatine the win.

The Bills truly weren’t having occupation moving the shot connected offense. Presumably if they received the kickoff successful overtime determination was a better-than-average accidental they could person scored a touchdown and sealed it. However, the Titans were besides gashing the Bills defence astatine this constituent — truthful it truly was a flip up.

Allen has been a precise palmy runner this play and helium has a bully accidental to prime up the archetypal down connected a backmost sneak. However, he’s not often called connected a perchance game-winning concern to prime up abbreviated yards with his legs. I’m inactive not definite what I would person done successful the situation, but that’s immaterial now. Both the Bills and Titans are 4-2, and look to beryllium a portion of the AFC representation moving into the playoffs.

Buffalo has plentifulness of clip to deliberation astir this 1 with the bye week astir the corner, and there’s nary uncertainty this is going to beryllium heavy scrutinized.

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