bolttech extends Series A funding round to US$210 million

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bolttech, 1 of the fastest increasing planetary insurtech unicorns, contiguous announced the hold of its recently-announced US$180 million series A backing circular led by Activant Capital Group, bringing the bid full to US$210 million. The largest ever Series A circular for an insurtech present adds 2 caller strategical investors successful bolttech, Singapore-based planetary capitalist EDBI (“EDBI”) and Alma Mundi Insurtech Fund, Spain(“Mundi Ventures“).

With a afloat suite of integer and data-driven capabilities, bolttech powers connections betwixt insurers, distributors, and customers to marque it easier and much businesslike to bargain and merchantability security and extortion products. bolttech has built a planetary footprint that serves much than 7.7 cardinal customers successful 26 markets crossed 3 continents – North America, Asia, and Europe.

The further superior volition assistance bolttech further alteration its partners and customers with enhanced exertion and integer capabilities. Bringing connected these caller strategical investors will besides assistance fortify its beingness in Southeast Asia, Europe, and its different existing markets, arsenic the concern accelerates its planetary maturation strategy.

Rob Schimek, bolttech’s Group Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are thrilled to invited specified precocious calibre strategic investors. They bring an extended web and heavy expertise successful their respective markets which volition assistance propel our maturation and enactment our innovation for our partners and customers astir the world. Together with their partnership, we look guardant to accelerating our planetary maturation and realising our imaginativeness to link much radical astir the satellite with ways to support the things they value.”

Ms. Chu Swee Yeok, CEO and President of EDBI, said “With an extended technology-enabled security speech and organisation network, bolttech is poised to pb the integer translation of Southeast Asia’s insurance sector. EDBI looks guardant to partnering Rob and his squad to fortify their innovation hub in Singapore and enactment the maturation of their businesses successful the region.”

Javier Santiso, Mundi Ventures’ CEO and General Partner, said, “We worth concern partners specified arsenic bolttech that are consenting to disrupt the security manufacture with caller technologies and merchandise innovation, and peculiarly new, game-changing organisation models. We look guardant to moving with Rob and his world-class squad arsenic they build-out their beingness and partnerships present in Europe.”

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