Chargers coach Brandon Staley gave a perfect response on Jon Gruden’s emails

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The Chargers manager gets it.

Brandon Staley is already becoming a rising prima successful his archetypal twelvemonth arsenic caput manager of the Los Angeles Chargers. Staley was a linebackers manager for the Bears and Broncos earlier spending past play arsenic a antiaircraft coordinator for the Rams, wherever helium parlayed a palmy twelvemonth into the Chargers apical job. Now the 38-year-old is starring a 4-1 shot squad successful archetypal spot successful the AFC West with a young prima backmost successful Justin Herbert.

Staley is processing a estimation arsenic 1 of football’s astir quotable coaches. There person been a fewer viral clips of him this play talking store with reporters, connected wherefore hurries and hits are a amended measurement of a walk rush than sacks, oregon why a prime moving crippled is truthful adjuvant for a quarterback. While excessively galore NFL coaches effort to sidestep immoderate probing questions connected strategy retired of paranoia oregon axenic incompetence, Staley is the benignant of manager who really listens to questions and tries his champion to supply a bully answer. On Wednesday, helium showed helium understands the quality facet of the game, arsenic well.

Staley was asked astir Jon Gruden’s resignation from the Las Vegas Raiders aft leaked emails exposed the erstwhile manager of utilizing racist, misogynistic, and homophobic connection successful speech with Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen. Staley gave a large effect connected wherefore Gruden’s connection was truthful hurtful.

“I deliberation what you’ll observe is that we person truthful overmuch much successful communal than not”

— Los Angeles Chargers (@chargers) October 13, 2021

Here’s the afloat punctuation from Staley:

Perspective and spot successful this satellite are really, truly hard to achieve. I deliberation astir each the radical that were affected by those emails — whether you’re a idiosyncratic of color, whether you’re a person, you know, a gender, your intersexual orientation. That’s who I’m reasoning astir due to the fact that it’s a ineffable mantle for idiosyncratic to telephone you manager oregon idiosyncratic to telephone you a leader.

“Trust is really, truly hard to execute successful this world. It’s really, truly challenging to achieve, particularly with radical with those groups that I conscionable mentioned. People are truly guarded and skeptical of radical due to the fact that of emails similar that.

“Kindness and lifting radical up and respecting radical you don’t know, I conscionable deliberation that that’s specified a large portion of our happening present … listening to radical and learning astir radical due to the fact that I deliberation what you’ll observe is that we person truthful overmuch much successful communal than not.

“For idiosyncratic similar me, it’s conscionable incumbent upon you to acceptable the illustration each azygous time truthful that radical that were talked astir successful those emails that they don’t request to consciousness that way, they shouldn’t consciousness that way.

“Hopefully, each of america tin larn from this, that it’s astir bringing radical unneurotic for me, truthful that radical tin go the radical that they imagination about. For me, starring this shot squad and being someone, hopefully, we tin beryllium a airy for those radical successful those emails that not everybody’s similar that, that there’s acold much radical that volition emotion you than the opposite.

“Hopefully, this volition beryllium a accidental for everybody to travel unneurotic alternatively of spell apart.”

Staley gets it successful a mode that excessively galore of Gruden’s erstwhile associates bash not. Whether it was Raiders backmost David Carr offering up a connection crockery defence of Gruden’s character, oregon his erstwhile broadcasting colleagues choosing to bash the same, the thought that Gruden is the persecuted 1 successful this concern is laughable. Staley enactment the absorption connected trying to heal the marginalized groups Gruden took purpose at, which is wherever it should be.

As his erstwhile subordinate Keyshawn Johnson said, Gruden has ever been a fraud. Few radical person ever made much wealth retired of coaching and talking astir football. The antheral has been synonymous with the NFL for much than 3 decades. If this is what the past of the NFL looks like, hopefully the aboriginal tin beryllium a batch much similar Staley.

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