Codat Announces Partnership with Intuit to Speed Quickbooks App Development And Catalyze New Wave of Open Finance

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Codat, the cosmopolitan API for tiny concern information that enables bundle providers and fiscal institutions to physique integrated products for their tiny concern customers, contiguous announced an integration concern with the planetary exertion level Intuit. This concern volition bring astir a caller question of Open Finance for SMBs and velocity app improvement for QuickBooks.

In caller years, banks and fintechs person worked unneurotic to pioneer Open Banking policies, making advancement for consumers by urging governments astir the satellite to enactment unfastened entree to information from fiscal institutions. But for businesses, accounting bundle — not the slope relationship — acts arsenic their halfway operating system, making advancement toward unfastened accounting a much meaningful gyration for them. Although accounting APIs person historically been much unfastened than banks, determination is inactive copious reddish portion and hidden barriers that forestall tiny businesses from freely sharing their data. Codat and Intuit are helping to catalyze the archetypal measurement towards a akin argumentation displacement for accounting information to accelerate unfastened concern policies that tiny businesses desperately need.

“Intuit shares our committedness to making the lives of tiny businesses easier, truthful we’re thrilled to spouse with them to streamline app improvement for QuickBooks,” said Peter Lord, CEO & Co-Founder of Codat. “By enabling the improvement of connected services, and ensuring secure, controlled unfastened information sharing that specifically benefits tiny businesses, we’re not lone furthering our ngo but besides helping commencement a larger speech astir the request for Open Finance for SMBs.”

Codat’s exertion manages the complexity of authentication, information mapping, configuration, and information validation truthful that developers tin bring their products to marketplace much rapidly and spell done an expedited app support process with Intuit. The concern besides adds further transparency and parameters astir the information exchanged betwixt Intuit, Codat, and the third-party app, ensuring unafraid but unfastened entree for tiny businesses to stock their data.

“At Intuit, we privation to marque it easier and faster to make secure, precocious quality, QuickBooks-connected apps,” said Jeremy Sulzmann, Vice President, Developers & Partners Business Segment Leader astatine Intuit. “We recognise that much QuickBooks developers are present utilizing Codat to connect, and that by partnering with them we tin accelerate the availability of caller integrated features and services for QuickBooks customers.”

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