Crypto Hedge Funds See Nearly 24% Gains in August

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Cryptocurrency hedge funds gained adjacent to 24% past period acknowledgment to immense swings successful the terms of integer assets, the Financial Times (FT) reported Tuesday (Sept. 14). Those increases helped the funds outpace investors successful equities and currencies markets.

Funds focused connected bitcoin and different integer currencies person returned 145% this year, according to the report, which cited information from Eurekahedge.

While crypto occupies a smaller country of the hedge money world, the imaginable instrumentality connected integer assets has investors looking to crypto for opportunities that aren’t disposable elsewhere, the study stated.

“Crypto has 2 features that marque show imaginable large for hedge funds progressive successful it: volatility and inefficiency,” Francesco Filia, CEO of the hedge money Fasanara Capital, which has invested successful cryptocurrencies, told FT. “The operation of the 2 allows for outperformance of accepted plus classes.”

So acold this year, crypto funds person had 1 atrocious month, according to the report. In June, they mislaid 10%. They gained adjacent to 7% successful May contempt a volatile clip for bitcoin prices. That period saw bitcoin trading supra $63,000 earlier plummeting to beneath $30,000.

Meanwhile, hedge funds that absorption connected currency trading saw a 0.59% instrumentality successful August, portion funds trading equities reported a 0.8% yield.

Digital assets person caught the attraction of respective accepted hedge funds. The Brevan Howard hedge money announced plans this week to grow into crypto. The fund, known for betting connected macroeconomic trends, said it plans to motorboat a caller unit, BH Digital, which volition negociate crypto.

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“Two years ago, astir ample hedge funds stayed distant from crypto arsenic they were disquieted astir the absorption of their existing investors,” Henri Arslanian, crypto pb astatine PwC successful Hong Kong, told FT. “Now these aforesaid hedge funds are disquieted that if they don’t astatine slightest research crypto, they volition beryllium criticized by their existing investors.”

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