Epik data breach impacts 15 million users, including non-customers

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Epik information  breach impacts 15 cardinal  users, including non-customers

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Epik has present confirmed that an "unauthorized intrusion" did successful information hap into its systems. The announcement follows past week's incidental of hacktivist corporate Anonymous leaking 180 GB of information stolen from online work supplier Epik. To mock the company's archetypal effect to the information breach claims, Anonymous had altered Epik's authoritative cognition base, as reported by Ars.

Epik is simply a domain registrar and web services supplier known to service right-wing clients, immoderate of which person been turned down by much mainstream IT providers owed to the objectionable and sometimes illicit contented hosted by the clients. Epik's clients person included the Texas GOP, Parler, Gab, and 8chan, among others.

Epik hack impacts millions of non-customers, too

Turns out, the leaked information dump contains 15,003,961 email addresses belonging to some Epik's customers and non-customers, and not everyone is pleased with the news. This occurred arsenic Epik had scraped WHOIS records of domains, adjacent those not owned by the company, and stored these records. In doing so, the interaction accusation of those who person ne'er transacted with Epik straight was besides retained successful Epik's systems.

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