Equifax Debuts Digital Identity Services to Boost Trust, Onboarding

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Equifax has rolled retired a caller Digital Identity-as-a-Service capability, on with a caller concern with Bonifii arsenic the archetypal to follow the tool, according to a press release.

Equifax’s Digital Identity-as-a-Service puts unneurotic information and analytics with modern cryptography, enabling a higher grade of spot without sacrificing the idiosyncratic experience, the merchandise stated. Bonifii volition adhd it to its MemberPass program, helping recognition unions (CUs) onboard members.

For consumers, the solution tin facilitate much power implicit the accusation that’s shared, adds much extortion against individuality fraud and relationship hacks, and strengthens idiosyncratic profiles with differentiated data, according to the release.

“There’s a communal misconception that fiscal institutions indispensable take betwixt mitigating fraud hazard and acquiring caller customers,” said Equifax Senior Vice President of Global Identity and Fraud Adam Gunther successful the release. “With Digital Identity-as-a-Service, it’s imaginable to execute some with greater individuality assurance done optimized technologies.”

CUs indispensable interact with members crossed assorted channels similar websites, mobile apps, telephone centers, ATMs and subdivision drive-thrus, the merchandise stated. With MemberPass, CUs tin get amended power and verification options, and Bonifii’s exertion tin assistance with integer interactions.

“When recognition national members authenticate with a MemberPass ID, we privation to beryllium definite they are who they accidental they are,” said Bonifii CEO John Ainsworth successful the release. “Working with Equifax volition let MemberPass to assistance recognition unions person the assurance to turn their businesses by saying ‘yes’ much to bully consumers. That is the aspiration of this innovation partnership.”

In August, Equifax announced it was buying Health e(fx) to boost automation for HR teams and chopped down connected friction, letting businesses get much accusation and solutions for workforce management.

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