Fintex Capital launches buy-now-pay-later facility for SMEs

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[email protected] September 21, 2021

Fintex Capital, the fintech concern steadfast dedicated to alternate credit, contiguous launches an innovative suite of buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) lending products aimed astatine established businesses seeking astute and cost-efficient indebtedness financing and caller avenues of growth.

Over the past six months, Fintex has developed a scope of bespoke BNPL products for creditworthy businesses, to assistance them entree caller markets and unlock worth from their existing lawsuit base.

The archetypal concern to capitalise connected the Fintex BNPL accidental is an established, modern interior plan workplace based successful London. The steadfast provides luxury interior plan solutions and high-end furnishings to mean and large-scale residential spot developers.

Backed by an archetypal £5 cardinal backing enactment from Fintex, the interior plan steadfast volition present connection their stylish furnishings to customers connected a buy-now-pay-later basis. This means that their customers present person high-end furnishings connected their premises, whilst lone having to wage 12 months aft delivery. The customers incur zero upfront costs and besides wage zero involvement on the way. This helps them turn and accelerate sales, amended pricing and optimise cashflows.

The archetypal £5m backing enactment is funded by Fintex Capital’s discretionary concern funds. This innovative BNPL programme is present unfastened to different businesses arsenic good and a bid of further facilities of this benignant are successful the making.

Robert Stafler, CEO of Fintex Capital, said: BNPL is opening caller horizons, and this is the first-ever BNPL programme of its kind.  The fintech gyration changes however concern tin beryllium delivered to beryllium of optimal usage to borrowers. As an progressive fintech lender, Fintex embraces caller horizons and astute technology.  In B2B land, BNPL is inactive rather young, and Fintex is starring the way, delivering innovative forms of indebtedness concern to assistance our borrowers – and their customers – turn their concern and unlock value.”

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