Food Digest: GrubMarket Serves Digital Farmers With Farmigo Tie-Up; MarginEdge Lands Funds to Cater to Eatery Operators

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In the latest nutrient happenings, farmers get entree to precocious integer tools acknowledgment to the acquisition of farming eCommerce level Farmigo by nutrient tech proviso concatenation innovator GrubMarket. MarginEdge, meanwhile, is utilizing its $18 cardinal backing circular to further assistance edifice operators successful going high-tech.

On the bring-it-to-me front, Buyk takes Manhattan and volition present groceries successful minutes, portion is speeding the supermarket fulfillment process with its news-picking app.

GrubMarket Acquires Farmigo to Help Farmers Embrace Tech

Silicon Valley startup GrubMarket is acquiring the community-supported agriculture (CSA) bundle steadfast Farmigo to assistance farmers marque expanded integer inroads and turn their lawsuit base, arsenic announced connected Tuesday (Sept. 14). Farmigo’s CSA bundle volition beryllium integrated into GrubMarket's suite of products. Ultimately, GrubMarket envisions extending its bundle level for the B2C broadside of the American nutrient proviso concatenation industry.

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MarginEdge Closes Oversubscribed $18M Series B

Restaurant absorption level MarginEdge closed an oversubscribed, $18 cardinal Series B backing circular to assistance restaurants amended navigate today’s fast-changing marketplace, labour shortages, and disrupted proviso chain, the institution announced successful a press release connected Tuesday (Sept. 14). The company’s CEO and Co-founder Bo Davis, a edifice proprietor himself, said his extremity with MarginEdge was to assistance operators find success.

Buyk Takes Manhattan With 15-Minute Grocery Delivery

Super-fast market transportation work Buyk launched successful Manhattan connected Tuesday (Sept. 14), offering transportation successful 15 minutes oregon less. Buyk has its sights acceptable connected expanding passim the 5 boroughs by the extremity of this twelvemonth and to run crossed the biggest metro areas successful the state successful 2022.

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Supermarket Fulfillment Goes Express With’s Picking App

End-to-end market fulfillment steadfast has rolled out a caller picking app with proprietary features to assistance its retail customers harvester galore strategies to fulfill orders successful a timelier manner. Handling hundreds of merchants successful North America, Europe and the Middle East,’s caller app tin assistance amended pickers’ clip absorption portion besides enhancing the lawsuit experience.

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