GBG integrates mobile network operator data into its solutions to help businesses easily verify customers and combat identity fraud

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GBG, the experts successful integer identity, has integrated mobile web relation (MNO) information into its individuality verification and anti-fraud solutions. This outer root of information tin assistance businesses further fortify their multi-level individuality and fraud prevention strategies and thrust assured decisions connected customers.

Fraudsters are looking to instrumentality vantage of integer acceleration, with the concern and gaming sectors peculiarly affected. In fact, research from GBG revealed that 57% of businesses saw fraud levels emergence successful 2020. These online criminals are progressively attempting to defraud organisations astatine the point of onboarding, besides known arsenic origination fraud, and during in-life transactions.

By integrating Mobile Signal Intelligence, GBG tin present connection real-time mobile web relation information to assistance businesses combat origination fraud, arsenic good arsenic helping them summation idiosyncratic lucifer rates, securely authenticate users and present a amended lawsuit experience. Mobile Signal Intelligence gives businesses entree to a affluent assortment of information attributes and fraud signals nonstop from mobile operators. It includes 3 halfway d­­ata checks – Mobile to Person Match, Sim Swap Timestamp (the clip the SIM paper was past changed) and Mobile Number Verify (frictionless, unafraid idiosyncratic authentication).

Mobile to Person Match uses the mobile fig of a lawsuit and matches the name, code and day of commencement of the idiosyncratic with the information held by their mobile operator. By utilizing MNO ­­data arsenic a trusted source, businesses tin person entree to a trusted and unafraid 2nd opinion, enabling them to, identify, verify and onboard customers quickly. Businesses volition besides beryllium capable to spot cardinal indicators of fraud successful real-time, specified arsenic a caller SIM-swap.

The information tin be seamlessly integrated into the customer travel via an API and covers each large mobile operators successful the UK and France. Data from much countries volition beryllium integrated implicit the adjacent 12 months.

Gus Tomlinson, Chief Product Officer EMEA astatine GBG, comments: “With fraudsters expanding successful sophistication it is much captious than ever earlier for organisations to use accurate, real-time fraud decisioning utilizing the close information and intelligence.

“A mobile fig is idiosyncratic to an individual and often stays with them longer than their code oregon individuality document, truthful having entree to this information tin springiness businesses greater assurance successful verifying an individual, arsenic good arsenic providing an other furniture of accusation to spot fraudulent activity.

“It’s our purpose to physique spot successful a integer satellite and by integrating this information into our solutions we tin assistance companies connection greater fraud protection, portion enabling them to onboard caller customers rapidly and securely.”

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