Gemini Acquires BITRIA, Unlocking the Digital Asset Ecosystem for Wealth and Asset Managers

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[email protected] January 14, 2022

Gemini announced contiguous the acquisition of BITRIA, formerly Blockchange Inc., a integer plus portfolio absorption level with a affluent diagnostic acceptable designed for wealthiness and plus managers. The integration of BITRIA’s exertion with Gemini’s custody and speech capabilities provides advisors with entree to the full crypto ecosystem and the quality to negociate their clients’ portfolios from 1 interface.

BITRIA’s Digital Asset Separately Managed Account (SMA) and Digital Turnkey Asset Management Platform (DTAMP) volition beryllium afloat integrated into Gemini’s platform. In summation to entree to the much than 70 cryptocurrencies disposable connected Gemini’s exchange, this integration volition supply wealthiness managers with features including:

  • SMA operation and maintenance
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Tax nonaccomplishment harvesting
  • Fee postulation and billing
  • Account planning
  • Data connectivity

“The BITRIA acquisition positions Gemini arsenic the archetypal end-to-end exertion level empowering wealthiness and plus managers to conscionable rising request among their clients for accessing and managing a afloat scope of crypto investments,” said Dave Abner, planetary caput of concern improvement astatine Gemini. “Many advisors presently person constricted entree to conscionable 1 oregon 2 tokens done closed-end funds and spot crypto ETFs successful jurisdictions wherever they are available. Today we are unlocking entree to the afloat integer plus ecosystem for the wealthiness absorption community.”

In June 2021, a Financial Planning Association and Journal of Financial Planning survey recovered that 49% of advisors said clients person asked astir cryptocurrencies successful the past six months, up from 17% successful 2020. With $20 trillion in AUM within advised accounts successful the U.S., this rising request represents a imaginable transportation of billions successful wealthiness into integer assets successful the coming years.

“The aboriginal of wealthiness absorption lies successful integer assets and blockchain exertion and the integration of BITRIA’s exertion with Gemini provides a span to that future. Gemini’s starring crypto-native custodian capabilities supply an unthinkable level for our existing and aboriginal customers to innovate astatine the velocity of the crypto ecosystem,” said Daniel Eyre, Co-Founder and CEO, BITRIA.

BITRIA was founded successful 2017 by Daniel Eyre, Caroline Eyre and Daniel Rothrock. Gemini and BITRIA initially announced a partnership in August 2020 and existent customers of Gemini and BITRIA volition beryllium integrated seamlessly into Gemini’s platform. BITRIA’s squad volition articulation Gemini, strengthening the crypto platform’s quality to empower advisors and their clients done crypto.

To get started managing your clients’ assets with Gemini and BITRIA, larn more here.

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