Getting Creative With Digital Loyalty Keeps QSRs’ Health-Concerned Customers Engaged

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Restaurant rewards are progressively becoming the norm for quick-service restaurants (QSRs). In the past period alone, Focus Brands-owned bakery elephantine Cinnabon launched its Cinnabon Rewards program, California-based Mexican-style QSR Del Taco launched its Del Yeah! rewards app, and McDonald’s expanded its MyMcDonald’s Rewards programme to Germany. As loyalty programs’ omnichannel scope continues to grow, immoderate brands are uncovering caller ways to physique integer loyalty to basal retired from the pack.

For instance, Taco Bell is driving predominant integer spending with its first-of-its-kind subscription program, the Taco Lover’s Pass, which enables subscribers to person 1 taco per time done the chain’s app. The programme has the imaginable to thrust regular engagement, embedding the marque much profoundly successful consumers’ lives.

“Our fans and squad members person been the guiding unit down the decisions we’ve made, particularly successful the past year, which has played a important relation successful Taco Bell’s integer measurement growth,” Zipporah Allen, the company’s main integer officer, told PYMNTS successful an interrogation for the October variation of the Subscription Commerce Tracker®. “We’ve truly focused connected however our integer advancements tin assistance amended the lawsuit and squad subordinate experience. We cognize our fans are anxious for convenience and reliability, 2 aspects we volition proceed to present connected wrong our integer platforms.”

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Chipotle, meanwhile, has been taking an attack to gathering loyalty that decenters the fiscal facet successful favour of rewarding engagement for engagement’s sake. Last month, the edifice added accomplishment badges into its loyalty program, recognizing users for their engagement with the brand, arsenic portion of the chain’s Extras platform, which features a scope of gamified rewards.

“I [have been amazed by] the excitement level for Extras, adjacent erstwhile there's nary monetary worth to them. Sometimes conscionable simply being rewarded for doing Chipotle the mode you Chipotle is capable for our customers, and they get excited astir that,” Nicole West, vice president of integer strategy and merchandise astatine fast-casual concatenation Chipotle Mexican Grill, told PYMNTS successful an interview.

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Digital loyalty rewards tin beryllium cardinal to driving income astatine a clip erstwhile consumers stay hesitant astir returning to carnal restaurants. PYMNTS’ study “The Post-Pandemic Consumer astatine 18 Months: Spending Now, Worrying Later” recovered that astir fractional of each consumers are inactive “very” oregon “extremely” disquieted astir the wellness concerns related to the pandemic. In fact, lone astir a 4th of each United States consumers program to devour retired astatine restaurants wrong the adjacent 3 months.

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While originative approaches to loyalty tin beryllium an effectual mode to basal out, restaurants tin besides utilize much accepted rewards — deals and escaped foods and beverages — to gully consumers into their mobile ordering apps. These offers tin incentivize off-premise purchases, particularly erstwhile restaurants usage information to personalize their rewards to each customer.

The July/August variation of PYMNTS’ Delivering connected Restaurant Rewards report, created successful collaboration with Paytronix, which surveyed implicit 2,000 U.S. consumers astir their loyalty habits, recovered that 81% of QSRs’ customers privation to beryllium afforded the accidental to gain escaped food, and that 72% privation entree to customized coupons oregon discounts. By giving consumers offers that they really want, restaurants tin physique those relationships that support loyalty, adjacent successful the look of hard circumstances.

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