Healthcare Payments Firm Zelis Buys Sapphire Digital

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Healthcare outgo institution Zelis has announced an statement to get Sapphire Digital, a level for supplier selection, diligent access, terms transparency and integer user navigation for healthcare, according to a property release.

“There is simply a wide request successful the marketplace for innovative terms transparency solutions and integer navigation tools, present much than ever fixed the requirements for payers laid retired successful the No Surprises Act and Transparency successful Coverage rule,” said Zelis Chief Revenue Officer Patrick O’Keefe successful the release. “We judge Sapphire’s level is unmatched successful the industry, arsenic evidenced by its important subordinate scope and awesome roster of starring wellness plans, TPAs and self-insured employers.”

The acquisition volition assistance customers much readily “harmonize the implicit healthcare outgo process by pricing, paying and explaining healthcare,” Zelis CEO Amanda Eisel said successful the release.

The acquisition volition assistance Zelis streamline operations by “integrating Zelis’ payments and communications capabilities with Sapphire’s market-leading user navigation tools,” Eisel added successful the release.

Sapphire Digital CEO Kyle Raffaniello said successful the merchandise that the companies “have been tackling immoderate of healthcare’s astir intractable challenges.”

In 2019, Zelis merged its outgo systems with those of RedCard Systems to make a healthcare optimization platform.

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The level planned to usage the companies’ exertion to price, wage and explicate claims. The companies unneurotic worked with 700 payer clients, which included the apical 5 nationalist wellness plans on with astir 600,000 providers.

Then-CEO Doug Klinger said the intent was “to present deeper physics penetration, best-in-class assertion outgo savings show and a transformational billing and payments experience, each for the payment of payers, providers and consumers.”

Joe DiMartini, then-CEO of RedCard, said the concern combined “the 3 captious activities on the outgo worth chain: the outgo information level oregon bundle ‘brain’ to negociate and pass outgo data, a highly charismatic outgo web and outgo execution technology, and proprietary processes and expertise to signifier each measurement required to efficiently and efficaciously instrumentality a implicit outgo record from commencement to finish.”

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