How to Buy YouTube Views (10 Safe and Reliable Sites)

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How to Buy YouTube Views (10 Safe and Reliable Sites)

Did you cognize that YouTube is the world’s 2nd astir visited website?

In fact, radical ticker over a cardinal hours of video connected YouTube each day.


But arsenic with immoderate fashionable integer platform, YouTube is crowded.

Thousands and thousands of creators are trying to marque a splash connected the level and get their contented found. Brands, wannabe influencers, and mommy bloggers are each riding the question of video obsession that has infected society.

So however bash you basal out? Should you bargain YouTube views oregon likes to “jump the queue” and get noticed?

It’s a conundrum that galore radical have, truthful I thought I’d code the astir pressing questions related to buying YouTube views. Plus, if you support reading, you’ll find 10 of the champion sites for buying existent YouTube views safely and securely.

Let’s get started.


Why bash views substance connected YouTube?

Is it amerciable to bargain YouTube views?

Where tin I bargain existent YouTube views?

The 10 champion sites to bargain YouTube views

How overmuch does it outgo to acquisition views for YouTube?

How bash you get 1000 views connected YouTube for free?

Why bash views substance connected YouTube?

Views are a cardinal constituent to increasing a marque and estimation connected YouTube. The much views you person connected a video, the much apt radical volition take to ticker it erstwhile it pops up successful their feed.

Views enactment arsenic societal impervious to transportation users to instrumentality a infinitesimal and cheque retired your content. They’re a credibility booster. They effect successful likes, subscribers, amended hunt performance, and integrated postulation to your channel. It’s a compounding effect that builds momentum and helps you turn your YouTube channel.

Is it amerciable to bargain YouTube views?

Put simply, nary it’s not amerciable to bargain YouTube views.

But there’s a caveat…

It’s against YouTube’s Terms of Service to bargain bot views oregon to instrumentality radical into watching a video.

However, if you take the close work for buying views you shouldn’t person an issue. The champion YouTube promotion services enactment with a web of REAL users who presumption and interact with videos. How could it perchance beryllium amerciable for idiosyncratic to ticker a video? It’s not.

There are besides rumours that you could get your relationship banned, a video deleted, oregon suffer your presumption number if you bargain YouTube views. While this isn’t impossible, it’s precise very rare. If you enactment with reputable providers, 10 of which I’m astir to notation successful this article, and travel champion practices for drip-feeding views implicit a tenable magnitude of time, your relationship and videos volition each beryllium safe.

Where tin I bargain existent YouTube views?

If it’s truthful important to bargain existent YouTube views and debar bots, wherever tin you find them?

There are thousands of services that merchantability YouTube views. Many of which are 100% harmless to usage and immoderate that are dodgy bot farms.

To find the close work provider, look retired for these signs of credibility:

  • Secure website. Make definite the tract you’re buying views from has an SSL certificate installed, signalled by the “lock” motion successful the browser bar.
  • Reputable outgo gateway. Be assured erstwhile buying YouTube views by ensuring they usage reputable outgo providers, specified arsenic Apple Pay, and judge the large recognition cards.
  • Real testimonials. Read done their lawsuit testimonials, if they person any, to guarantee they look existent and genuine.
  • Customer service. Ideally the work you take volition person responsive enactment disposable 24/7 truthful you tin get the assistance you request if thing goes awry.
  • Genuine users. Make definite you are buying views from existent YouTube users, not bots. The champion services volition intelligibly authorities this connected their website.
  • Anonymity. To support your YouTube relationship safe, the champion services support it anonymous erstwhile increasing your video engagement.

For immoderate of the sites I’m astir to suggest, oregon others you find, double-check that they tick disconnected these champion practices earlier buying a views package.

The 10 champion sites to bargain YouTube views

Want to kickstart your relationship maturation by buying YouTube views? Here are the 10 champion sites to get you started.

1. Stormviews


First connected the database is Stormviews, our apical prime for buying YouTube views.

Stormviews has a beardown estimation for delivering existent and genuine YouTube views, truthful you won’t get stuck with bot views that enactment your relationship astatine risk. You tin besides bargain YouTube likes and followers, too.

Some different affirmative things astir Stormviews is that they person galore lawsuit testimonials, 24/7 lawsuit support, and you won’t request to compromise your relationship by handing implicit a password. Unlike the different services connected this database they absorption exclusively connected YouTube – which talks to the prime of its services.

Get started with Stormviews here.

2. Viralyft


Viralyft offers much than conscionable YouTube views. They’ve got a scope of societal media promotion services including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, and more.

One happening I similar astir Viralyft is its unrecorded chat – you tin get successful interaction with their squad successful real-time and reply immoderate questions you person earlier making a purchase. They besides person unafraid payments, accelerated delivery, and don’t necessitate your password.

Check retired Viralyft here.



Next connected the database is Getviral. Much similar Viralyft, Getviral provides a scope of societal media promotion services to assistance boost your profiles.

Its starting terms is simply a small higher than the archetypal 2 services connected the list, but it’s inactive affordable. They besides person 24/7 support, via email and unrecorded chat, and don’t necessitate your password. However, I couldn’t find immoderate notes connected whether oregon not the views would beryllium from existent users oregon not.

Find retired much astatine

4. Famoid


Famoid focuses its services connected Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. They’ve worked with implicit 200,000 customers to present millions of views and likes.

As good arsenic a 24/7 enactment team, Famoid takes payments via SafeCharge and PayPal, thing that astir different services don’t offer. It besides exclusively engages with existent accounts to summation your YouTube views.

Check retired Famoid here.

5. Viewsexpert


Viewsexpert tin assistance you turn your societal beingness by utilizing a immense web of users crossed YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Spotify and more. All you request to bash is prime your service, prime a package, checkout, and ticker your YouTube views rise.

They person a assortment of existent lawsuit testimonials, 24/7 support, and warrant refills if your views driblet off.

Find retired much astir Viewsexpert here.



Fastlikes offers societal media maturation services for respective antithetic networks – including YouTube. They person 8 YouTube views packages, each with accelerated delivery, guaranteed refills, 24/7 lawsuit support, and unafraid payments.

Its prices are comparable to different services connected this database and supply refunds nether immoderate circumstances.

See here.

7. UseViral


UseViral has a immense web of existent users crossed each the large societal platforms. By accessing this network, and buying a promotion bundle from UseViral, you tin rapidly accelerate the maturation of your YouTube channel.

It has a scope of YouTube views packages from 2,000 to 100,000 views – each delivered successful accelerated clip and astatine an affordable price.

Check retired UseVIral here.

8. FollowersUp


Up adjacent is FollowersUp, different YouTube maturation work with affordable packages. FollowersUp has the biggest scope of societal networks for its services, with niche platforms specified arsenic Telegram, Vimeo, Likee, and Snapchat each supported.

I couldn’t find immoderate lawsuit testimonials connected its website, but it’s been astir since 2016 and has 24/7 lawsuit support. So if you’re unsure, person a chat to the squad and inquire immoderate questions.

Find retired much astir FollowersUp here.


Social Packages offers guaranteed refills, accelerated delivery, 24/7 support, and accepts each the large recognition cards. As good arsenic YouTube views, subscribers, likes and comments, you tin besides usage their web for different societal media platforms.

Its YouTube views packages are immoderate of the cheapest connected the marketplace starting astatine conscionable $3.50 for 500 views.

Learn much astatine

10. Media Mister


Last connected the database of sites for buying YouTube views is Media Mister. Media Mister is 1 of the longest lasting societal media maturation services, with packages for likes and followers crossed each the large societal platforms.

When it comes to YouTube views, a large happening astir Media Mister is you tin take however the views are purchased – via its network, Google Ads, YouTube Premieres, Video Discovery Ads, Live Stream, oregon targeted by country. The state targeting is 1 of my favourite features.

Find retired much and bargain YouTube views from Media Mister here.

How overmuch does it outgo to acquisition views for YouTube?

The terms for YouTube views varies depending connected the work you take and the fig of views you’re looking for. With Stormviews, for example, packages commencement astatine conscionable $3.99 for 500 views each the mode up to $1,499.99 for 250,000 views, with galore packages successful between.

I’d urge starting with a smaller bundle until you’re acquainted with the work and moving your mode up from there. Also, it volition look much integrated and not rise immoderate alarms with YouTube if you instrumentality things slowly.

How bash you get 1000 views connected YouTube for free?

Buying YouTube views tin accelerate the maturation of your channel, but you besides request to travel integrated champion practices too. Views are worthless if radical aren’t compelled to subscribe and ticker again adjacent clip you station a video!

Here are immoderate tips you tin travel to get much YouTube views without conscionable paying for them:

  • Target a niche. Due to the tremendous fig of creators trying to marque a splash connected YouTube, it’s ace crowded. If you effort to vie for attraction successful generic categories it volition beryllium highly hard to summation traction. By targeting a smaller niche, you tin get noticed much quickly.
  • Create entertaining oregon informative content. It whitethorn dependable simple, but you request to make absorbing content! Viewers connected YouTube privation to beryllium entertained oregon informed astir a topic, don’t make boring contented and expect to turn involvement successful your brand.
  • Follow champion signifier video hunt optimization. YouTube is the 2nd biggest hunt motor successful the satellite and besides features successful Google hunt results. To diagnostic successful searches, beryllium definite to optimize your videos for keywords, usage applicable tags, and make keyword optimized “chapters” successful the video advancement bar.
  • Use cards and extremity screens. You tin adhd cards and extremity screens to your videos aft they are published to nonstop viewers to different videos, branded pages, oregon promote them to subscribe to your channel. They’re indispensable for expanding views organically.
  • Design customized thumbnails. YouTube automatically generates a thumbnail for your video, but you tin upload a customized image. This allows you to optimize the thumbnail with text, applicable graphics, and on-brand colors. Custom thumbnails get higher click-throughs. Nick Nimmin’s transmission beneath shows what customized thumbnails look like:
  • Create playlists. YouTube playlists let you to radical videos based connected a bid oregon category. They’re large for encouraging radical to ticker much of your videos if they similar what they see.

As you tin see, determination are respective things you tin bash to make YouTube views organically. Use these tactics successful collaboration with buying views for the champion results.

Wrapping up

There you person it, a usher to buying YouTube views.

Views are the lifeblood of your YouTube transmission and by utilizing a promotion work similar 1 of the 10 listed above, you tin fast-track your mode to YouTube stardom.

It doesn’t interruption the slope to bargain YouTube views and get the shot rolling. Start with a tiny package, spot however it goes, and enactment your mode up from there.

Be definite to travel champion practices for getting integrated views connected your videos too, by creating entertaining content, optimizing your videos for hunt and engagement, and creating playlists.

Ready to go YouTube famous? Check retired our apical proposal – Stormviews – to get started today.

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