How to Nail Video SEO in 5 Simple Steps

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How to Nail Video SEO successful  5 Simple Steps

You’ve nailed your website SEO to a tee. Your blogs are performing for your chosen keywords. But your videos, the contented you’ve spent hours perfecting, don’t look to beryllium contributing overmuch to your numbers.

You’re successful request of immoderate video SEO.

Increasing the visibility of your video contented is arsenic important arsenic creating it. To execute that, video SEO cannot beryllium an afterthought. You person to commencement reasoning astir ‘searchability’ the infinitesimal the thought of creating a video pops into your head.

That mode you guarantee that your video contented gives backmost by bringing successful consistent traffic and leads.

This blog station guides you connected however to spell the other mile and optimize your videos for search.

First, immoderate video SEO context…

In a recent survey, 71% of people picked YouTube arsenic their favourite level for watching videos.

However, a video connected YouTube mightiness person millions of views and inactive not fertile connected Google Search. It’s because, connected YouTube, radical ticker videos based connected recommendations and often done auto-play features.

Whereas, for video contented to fertile connected Google, radical request to beryllium searching for it. Even if a video ranks fig 1 successful search, if nary one’s looking for it, it volition stay unwatched.

Whether your videos are hosted connected YouTube oregon your website, the extremity is to marque them the superior effect erstwhile the assemblage types the applicable questions oregon keywords successful the hunt box.

For that, your videos request to person ‘search intent’ by design. Consider these points:

1. Find video topics with postulation potential

When you commencement jotting down ideas for imaginable video content, effort to deliberation of topics that radical are searching for.

You mightiness privation to bash immoderate keyword probe astatine this point.

First, spell consecutive to the source. Use YouTube suggestions to get an thought astir immoderate of the fashionable hunt entries with your keyword.

Or, you tin usage tools similar ahrefs, VidIQ and YT Cockpit to find invaluable keywords for your videos.

You would besides privation to screen topics that are much beneficial successful an audiovisual format i.e. radical would alternatively ticker a video connected the taxable than speechmaking astir it.

For instance, if idiosyncratic wants to larn however to necktie a tie, they volition similar a ocular objection of the step-by-step process to decoding a written guide.

It mightiness beryllium tempting to make video contented connected fashionable topics, but you person a amended accidental of getting postulation if determination isn’t overmuch akin contented disposable already.

Here are a mates of things to consider; what are the assemblage questions your competitors are not answering? Is determination a taxable they’ve covered lone successful passing that you tin make in-depth contented on?

It’s besides important to excavation for topics that person attained accordant integrated postulation implicit a play of time. That mode you guarantee your video contented stays applicable for long.

2. Create intent driven content

Consider video SEO to beryllium a tug-of-war betwixt what you privation to convey to your assemblage and what the hunt motor algorithms necessitate to present it to the close audience.

But successful the contention to get successful beforehand of your audience, don’t hide the extremity you privation your videos to achieve.

Keep your videos educational. Providing accordant worth to the assemblage means that they volition support coming backmost for much and stock your contented with different people. 

Video placement besides needs to beryllium purposeful. If your purpose is to beforehand your marque oregon physique an assemblage it’s champion to big it connected YouTube.

However, if your purpose is pb procreation oregon enhancing your merchandise catalog, embedding the video connected your website works best.

3. Be mindful portion embedding videos connected your website

Video contented tin bring dense traction to your website. However, your videos request to acceptable good with the wide contented of the page. 

Poorly placed oregon irrelevant video contented tin beryllium counterproductive and summation your bounce rate. This hurts your video SEO and your wide website ranking.

Take into relationship the intent of your video. Does the video archer a communicative astir your business? It whitethorn acceptable good with your About Us oregon location page. Testimonial videos whitethorn beryllium utile for idiosyncratic browsing done your portfolio page.

Since we placed our promo video connected the MotionCue homepage, we’ve witnessed a 67% engagement rate. This has importantly contributed to expanding our league times and successful turn, improved our SEO.


You tin ever repurpose videos created astatine antithetic points of your selling strategy to applicable places connected your website.

When you embed a video connected your website, you privation to marque it easier for hunt engines to locate, recognize and fertile it.

So, don’t embed much than 1 video connected a web page. And since you privation a circumstantial leafage to summation traction due to the fact that of your video oregon vice versa, don’t spot the video successful much than 1 spot connected your website.

Keeping successful caput these small tips tin bash wonders for your video SEO.

Optimize videos for hunt successful 5 steps

Once you’ve done your owed diligence astir the contented of the video, present are immoderate important steps you tin instrumentality to boost your video SEO:

1. Add a compelling title

Your video click-through complaint is importantly dependant connected your video title. Your rubric not lone needs to beryllium charismatic for your assemblage but besides for hunt engines beryllium it Google oregon YouTube.

So marque definite to adhd the video keyword erstwhile successful your video title. Keep the rubric astatine slightest 5 words agelong and usage wide and concise sentences.

Before you people your video, trial whether the afloat video rubric appears successful the hunt engine. Ensure that the keyword isn’t chopped retired from the display.

2. Choose an enticing thumbnail

First impressions substance with your audience, truthful you privation to marque a bully 1 erstwhile your video gets indexed.

Thumbnails are the look of your video and find whether radical volition click connected the video oregon not.

You don’t privation your video thumbnail to beryllium an abstract representation that doesn’t springiness distant thing astir the video.

For instance, if your video is astir ‘how to alteration a tire’ the thumbnail should absorption connected the tyre alternatively than an representation of a car.

And you cognize what pushes a thumbnail implicit the top? If it features a human, preferably demonstrating what the video is about.

So, a thumbnail with a idiosyncratic changing the tyre would beryllium much enticing than an representation of a tyre itself.


Custom thumbnails are besides precise businesslike erstwhile it comes to boosting click rates. According to Wistia, videos with customized quality thumbnails person a 30% higher play rate. Check retired these examples.


While uploading thumbnails beryllium mindful of the facet ratio. Pixelated oregon cut-out thumbnails are precise unattractive and viewers are not apt to click connected them.

You tin besides experimentation with colour contrasts and substance placement connected your customized thumbnails. Just support the substance concise, relevant, and easy readable.

3. Supplement your contented with a video description

For websites, you tin adhd a keyword-rich video statement successful the video schema markup. This statement should lone beryllium 150 characters long. Incorporate arsenic overmuch accusation astir the video arsenic possible, on with the keywords wrong this limit.

For YouTube videos, constitute a broad statement of much than 200 words. A elaborate mentation helps YouTube recognize your video and brace it with akin contented arsenic suggested videos.

4. Add transcripts/closed captions

Transcripts enrich your audience’s video acquisition by making them much accessible.

If your video is embedded connected a web leafage with small text, it’s bully signifier to adhd a transcript of the video.

The transcript shouldn’t beryllium a word-by-word relationship of the video alternatively you tin summarize and item the main points. Just marque definite to adhd the keywords you privation your video and webpage to fertile for.

Needless to say, your video should notation the keyword astatine slightest 2-3 times.

As for YouTube, the level is astute capable to recognize the contented of your video. It auto-generates video captions but they person a important borderline of error.

To boost the SEO of YouTube videos, you tin upload a closed caption file. This makes your contented readable for hunt engines. Additionally, you tin adhd a verbatim transcript of your videos to the statement section.

The assemblage is inactive retired connected whether adding keyword-optimized transcripts to the statement helps with video SEO.

Still, it tin fertile your video for related terms. This helps get the video successful beforehand of much radical arsenic ‘suggested videos’, which is wherever astir YouTube views travel from.

5. Add timestamps for cardinal moments

For videos hosted connected YouTube, you tin present besides adhd timestamps. This helps hunt engines, and successful turn, your audience, find answers to circumstantial queries.

No wonderment 54% of marketers picked YouTube arsenic their favourite level for sharing content.

With ever-shrinking attraction spans, nary 1 wants to spell done an full video. When you marque accusation much accessible for your audience, you physique authority. It makes radical instrumentality to your contented repeatedly.

When you specify timestamps oregon chapters wrong a video, you besides adhd ‘labels’ which connection a abbreviated statement of the contented wrong that snippet.

Keep the labels shorter than 40 characters and align the video contented with the labels.

Wrapping up

These are conscionable immoderate of the steps you tin instrumentality to amended your SEO for videos hosted connected YouTube oregon your website.

However, hunt algorithms are perpetually updated and hunt engines support introducing caller features to marque some the contented creators’ and consumers’ acquisition better.

So, support speechmaking up connected applicable manufacture materials to enactment connected apical of your video SEO.

Guest author: Osama Khabab is the laminitis and CEO of MotionCue. A modern-day video accumulation bureau based successful New York that specializes successful making animated and live-action videos that are geared to thrust consciousness and animate action. Connect on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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