i2c Adds Services in 10 More Markets

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Digital wage and banking tech supplier i2c has been increasing steadily done much deployment of its signature programs, according to a Tuesday (Dec. 7) property release.

The merchandise says that successful November, the institution rolled retired programs successful 10 markets and 4 continents.

“The maturation levels combined with the diverseness of customers and programs we’re witnessing successful our concern contiguous is simply a testament to our maturation strategy and planetary team,” said Amir Wain, laminitis and CEO of i2c. “We are thrilled to beryllium the enabler of prime for visionaries successful the payments and integer banking abstraction arsenic they enactment to accelerate fiscal innovation and grow entree to millions of extremity users worldwide.”

The merchandise says i2c’s caller occurrence includes adding caller endeavor partners and expanding its products and planetary programs for companies similar Brazil’s Crypto.com, Puerto Rico’s Standard International Bank, the U.S.’s Solid and Pakistan’s TAG.

i2c’s programs enactment with debit and prepaid cards, and the institution besides deals successful fraud prevention and quality management, on with moving with white-label web and mobile apps.

PYMNTS wrote of i2c’s concern with BEYON, penning that the thought was to debut a caller integer wallet enabling retail, measure and peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, offering fiscal insights, connecting slope accounts and allowing for remittances.

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Residents tin usage the programme to wage for rent, utilities and mobile services.

In October, i2c besides worked with Bancrédito International Bank & Trust Corporation retired of Puerto Rico, with the intent of rolling retired a caller American Express Black Card.

The paper comes with interactive dependable effect exertion successful English and Spanish, contactless technology, curated benefits, a loyalty programme and question memberships, among different features.

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