Jon Gruden is the worst kind of fraud

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Gruden’s emails exposure the lies he’s been telling he’s full career.

In 1 week, Jon Gruden went from coaching the 3-1 Raiders to their champion commencement successful years to being retired of the NFL. On Monday night, pursuing different damning study by the New York Times, Gruden was fixed the dignity of taking the coward’s mode retired by resigning arsenic caput manager of the Las Vegas Raiders alternatively than having his ass fired arsenic it should person been.

In a study by the New York Times expanding connected their erstwhile details astir Gruden, it was revealed that the coach’s prejudice extended acold beyond archetypal reports. Gruden allegedly wrote emails to erstwhile Washington president Bruce Allen that featured not lone racist statements, but misogyny directed astatine women becoming NFL referees. Gruden besides said Eric Reid, a figurehead of the protestation question alongside Colin Kaepernick, should beryllium fired. He capped it each disconnected by utilizing a homophobic slur successful talking astir Roger Goodell, past different successful regards to the Rams drafting Michael Sam arsenic an openly cheery man.

This each came pursuing a study past week that Gruden referred to NFLPA caput DeMaurice Smith arsenic having “lips the size of Michelin tires.” A intelligibly racist trope directed astatine African Americans, which Gruden tried to brushwood distant by swearing helium “doesn’t person a racist bony successful his body,” portion coming up with the ludicrous excuse that helium calls liars “rubber lips,” an idiom which seemingly has nary ground successful anyone’s lexicon but Gruden’s, and specifically erstwhile he’s trying to support a racist remark.

We’ve present travel afloat ellipse connected the information of Jon Gruden: That the antheral is simply a damn fraud. It’s not conscionable his accomplishment successful Las Vegas, trading distant the team’s champion players, smashing the assurance of backmost Derek Carr, past destroying the squad with his ain hatred erstwhile they yet get bully — but the receipts we person showing that Gruden is simply a liar.

Gruden was a lying sack of trash when helium praised Raiders antiaircraft extremity Carl Nassib coming out, saying “I learned a agelong clip agone what makes a antheral antithetic is what makes him great.” So, portion Gruden seemingly learned this agelong ago, helium was besides comfy calling Roger Goodell arsenic “f*****” and Michael Sam a “queer.”

What astir erstwhile Gruden was “surprised” that a squad hadn’t signed Colin Kaepernick successful 2018? Curious, considering helium was privately advocating that a subordinate suffer their occupation for taking a basal connected societal justness issues.

It besides casts an highly antithetic airy connected the Raiders’ determination successful 2018 astatine Gruden’s behest to motion Richie Incognito, a subordinate known to person a past of bullying, racism, and homophobia. Gruden would spell connected to calls Incognito a “leader connected this shot team” erstwhile helium was signed to an hold successful 2019.

In the coming days we’re going to beryllium bombarded by examples of Gruden’s lies. The times wherever helium praised players connected Monday Night Football for taking a stand, portion privately advocating for them to beryllium canned. Moments he’s said that having women arsenic referees is “great for the game,” erstwhile emailing his buddy to kick astir them. I’m not going to pore implicit dozens of hours of Grudenisms to find these — but telephone it an educated guess, due to the fact that Gruden has shown he’s a liar. After all, this is the aforesaid antheral who pretended helium had Covid during grooming camp due to the fact that helium said it was a acquisition successful “readiness.”

The lone happening I truly, honestly judge astir Gruden successful this full concern is his connection aft resigning from the Raiders.

"I person resigned arsenic Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. I emotion the Raiders and bash not privation to beryllium a distraction. Thank you to each the players, coaches, staff, and fans of Raider Nation. I’m sorry, I ne'er meant to wounded anyone."

Jon Gruden

— Las Vegas Raiders (@Raiders) October 12, 2021

“I ne'er meant to wounded anyone,” and that’s the full constituent of this. The lone radical who mean to wounded radical with their hatred are those who person cultivated it into their brand, due to the fact that they’ve recovered an assemblage of aggravated saps consenting to portion with their wealth successful work of idiosyncratic who’s “edgy.” A acold greater fig of radical support their prejudices hidden, softly swaying their decisions with biases, without ever intending them travel to light. These are the individuals who know they’re hurting people, but ne'er privation others to cognize that’s what they’re doing. It’s acold much pervasive and damaging, due to the fact that it tin spell unchecked for truthful long.

The existent question is: What does Gruden mean erstwhile helium says helium “loves the Raiders”? Does helium emotion the organization? Their past and stature? It surely isn’t the players helium loves, due to the fact that he’s already shown a two-faced quality to however helium speaks publicly, and what helium says privately. When players were being asked astir Gruden each weekend, earlier and aft the team’s crushing nonaccomplishment to the Bears, the harm had already been done. I don’t judge for a 2nd Gruden is stepping distant due to the fact that “he didn’t privation to beryllium a distraction,” oregon helium would person done it past week, erstwhile helium became a distraction. No, this is the enactment of idiosyncratic who knew helium was unemployable successful the NFL due to the fact that his prejudice had been outed, and apt knows much is connected the way.

It’s bully Jon Gruden is retired of the NFL. The much small-minded bigots who are retired of enactment positions, the better. The large shame successful it each is that Las Vegas allowed him to permission with a shred of dignity, connected his ain terms, alternatively than having the guts to occurrence him. Gruden damaged the Raiders, its reputation, and the dozens of players nether his ticker who consciousness vilified oregon marginalized by uncovering retired they were led by a snake. The lone redeeming grace is that he’ll ne'er person a occupation successful shot again due to the fact that of it.

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