Latest Provider Ranking of Aggregators Features Familiar Faces, but Some Have Changed Seats

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Hungry for data? PYMNTS is present to deliver. On the paper contiguous we person the latest variation of the monthly PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Aggregators.

For the astir part, this month’s Top 10 includes apps that person go aged standbys — comfortableness food, if you will. One has made rather a leap successful the rankings since past month, though. Let’s instrumentality a look.

The Top Five 

DoorDash remains the leader, holding connected to the apical spot successful the rankings.

Right behind, arsenic it was past month, is Uber Eats.

Still holding the No. 3 presumption is Deliveroo.

Next, we person the biggest alteration successful the rankings since past month, with Swiggy leaping each the mode from the seventh spot to the fourth.

That determination causes immoderate of our different competitors to borderline down a spot successful the rankings, starting with Instacart, which present remainder astatine No. 5.

The Top 10 

Jostled by the shifting positions successful the 4th and 5th rankings, all but 1 of the contestants in the 2nd tier of the apical 10 have moved down a spot oregon two.

Also stepping down 1 level since past clip is Just Eat, which is present conscionable extracurricular the apical 5 astatine No. 6.

The inclination continues arsenic we get to the seventh position, wherever we present find Zomato, which besides moved a position lower.

Grubhub, which had shared the sixth spot past month, has dipped to No. 8.

Also moving 2 spots little is Glovo, which is present ranked ninth.

Rounding retired the apical 10, we person a tie. Menulog sits here, arsenic it did past month, but it present shares the spot with SkipTheDishes, which has slid 2 levels.

And with that, we’ve cleared the array for this time. Check successful adjacent period to spot what’s successful store for the adjacent PYMNTS Provider Rankings of Aggregators.

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