Mastercard Expands Support of Latin America Real-Time Payments with Acquisition of Arcus

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Mastercard (NYSE: MA) contiguous announced it has acquired Arcus FI, an alum of the company’s Start Path program, to assistance enactment the transportation of measure wage solutions and different real-time outgo applications crossed Latin America.

With offices successful New York and Mexico City, Arcus helps to alteration measure wage and cash-in, cash-out services for immoderate of the biggest billers, retailers, fintechs and accepted fiscal institutions successful the U.S. and Mexico, with enlargement into Latin America. Its flagship solution, the Arcus Pay Network, has entree to the largest retailers and nonstop transportation with galore of the largest billers successful Mexico.

“The past twelvemonth has shown however captious integer solutions are for radical and businesses crossed the region,” said Laura Cruz, part president for Mexico and Central America astatine Mastercard. “With the summation of the Arcus team, we volition heighten existing outgo experiences and make caller opportunities to code each time needs by connecting much radical to the integer economy.”

Arcus’ level precocious received support to alteration outgo processing, colony and reconciliation via Mexico’s real-time Interbank Electronic Payment System (Sistema de Pagos Electrónicos Interbancarios oregon SPEI).

Edrizio de la Cruz and I began this institution to assistance immigrants similar america person a due mode to way our finances and nonstop wealth home. For astir a decade, we person grown from those aspirations to assistance pave the mode toward greater fiscal inclusion successful Latin America,” said Iñigo Rumayor, co-founder astatine Arcus. “We’ve tapped into immoderate of the region’s brightest minds, and built a world-class squad alongside Marc Sacal, who has helped america grow beyond those archetypal cross-border payments to springiness radical a greater power of their fiscal lives. Now, becoming portion of the Mastercard household and a nonstop subordinate successful the SPEI web expands what we tin present to our customers.”

Arcus has helped to pioneer the adoption of integer outgo solutions successful Latin America. Today, the institution supports accelerated and casual entree to deposits, withdrawals and outgo services.

Expansion of Mastercard Bill Pay

Arcus’ technology, web and lawsuit relationships volition assistance accelerate the instauration of Mastercard Bill Pay to Latin America. Its existing customers contented the bulk of household bills successful Mexico and supply transportation to a wide scope of outgo options via banks, fintechs and integer wallet providers. This aforesaid connectivity volition present the transmission for a broader suite of fiscal services.

Mastercard Bill Pay allows consumers to view, negociate and wage their household and different idiosyncratic bills from wrong their preferred fiscal work provider’s app — securely, conveniently and with afloat control. It is already unrecorded with banks and recognition unions and a web of 135,000 billers successful the US arsenic Mastercard Bill Pay Exchange.

For billers, Mastercard Bill Pay tin destruct the outgo of mailing insubstantial bills and processing currency and checks, offers amended visibility of outgo status, and helps them reconcile payments to lawsuit accounts. Financial institutions payment from accrued relevance successful their customers’ regular lives, resulting successful accrued engagement and further services and accrued lawsuit engagement.

Arcus Customer Testimonials

“Arcus is the perfect spouse for america owed to its real-time outgo technology, which allows america to connection the fastest imaginable outgo solutions for our clients,” said Jorge Hernández Santoyo, firm treasurer astatine Sky Mexico & Central America.

“Arcus was the perfect exertion spouse for america owed to their agile technology, real-time processing and beardown Latin American presence,” said Guillermo Vicando, CEO and co-founder of Bnext.

“Arcus is the perfect spouse for america owed to its real-time outgo technology, which allows america to connection the fastest imaginable outgo solutions for our clients,” said Karen Iglesias, physics services and location transportation manager astatine 7-Eleven Mexico.

“Arcus is the perfect spouse for our needs. We tin usage its suite of solutions to supply our customers with an unmatched outgo acquisition astir utilities outgo and currency options to wage their recognition cards,” said Martin Mexia, caput of payments astatine RappiPay.

“By partnering with Arcus, Cuenca saves its customers’ clip with a personalized, fair, and 100% friendly-digital concern acquisition which allows them to top-up telephone plans and wage antithetic bills.” Bibiana Monterde, co-founder of Cuenca.

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