Microsoft is testing Android Apps on Windows 11

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The motorboat of Windows 11 has brought rather a fewer changes to the wide idiosyncratic experience, including a little functional task barroom and imaginable enactment for Android apps. While Windows 11 OS, arsenic it stands astatine the moment, does not enactment Android apps, Microsoft has begun investigating Android apps connected the OS to guarantee that it tin bash truthful successful a aboriginal update. This should assistance make a much seamless acquisition for users who trust connected aggregate apps to get done the day.

Microsoft is investigating  Android Apps connected  Windows 11 What apps volition beryllium disposable connected WIndows 11?

Microsoft has teamed up with Amazon and its app store to commencement investigating Android apps and the mode they relation connected the WIndows 11 OS. Some of the apps that it aims to bring users see Amazon’s Kindle app, The Washington Post app, Clash of Kings, Coin Master and Lego Duplo World.

Currently, these apps tin beryllium utilized by those who are connected the Beta build. However, they volition beryllium soon rolled retired to everyone erstwhile the archetypal bugs and glitches are fixed by Microsoft’s developers. 

These apps volition besides enactment connected AMD and Intel devices, and volition beryllium moving connected what the institution calls “The Windows Subsystem for Android,”. This subsystem runs connected Intel’s Intel Bridge Technology. 

What apps volition  beryllium  disposable  connected  WIndows 11?

What are the requirements to tally apps connected Windows?

In bid to tally apps connected your WIndows-based laptops, you volition request the Windows 11 OS. This means that your PC should ideally fulfill each of Microsoft's requirements for being capable to tally the WIndows 11 OS. Additionally, your PC indispensable person virtualization enabled. 

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