Microsoft Outlook shows real person’s contact info for IDN phishing emails

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If you person an email from [email protected]і, is it truly from idiosyncratic astatine Ars? Most decidedly not—the domain successful that email code is not the aforesaid that you know. The 'і' quality successful determination is from the Cyrillic publication and not the Latin alphabet.

This isn't a caller problem, either. Up until a fewer years agone (but not anymore), modern browsers did not marque immoderate disposable favoritism erstwhile domains containing mixed quality sets were typed into the code bar.

And it turns retired Microsoft Outlook is nary exception, but the occupation conscionable got worse: emails originating from a lookalike domain successful Outlook would amusement the interaction paper of a existent person, who is really registered to the morganatic domain, not the lookalike address.

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