Mollie announces fintech Centre of Excellence in Maastricht, Netherlands

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Mollie, 1 of the fastest-growing outgo work providers successful Europe, contiguous announced it volition beryllium opening a caller fintech Centre of Excellence successful the metropolis of Maastricht, Netherlands. The centre volition beryllium an hold of Mollie’s office successful Amsterdam, allowing the concern to standard and thrust maturation for its 125,000+ merchant clients. The Maastricht fintech Centre of Excellence volition location caller employees sitting crossed a wide scope of departments including development, operations and lawsuit experience. The motorboat follows the company’s 665 cardinal Euro Series C backing circular led by Blackstone Growth, announced successful June, which made Mollie 1 of the astir invaluable privately held fintechs successful Europe.

With its caller Centre of Excellence bureau based successful Maastricht’s bustling metropolis centre, Mollie is aiming to make a modern and relaxed situation successful which caller unit tin consciousness astatine home. Mollie’s civilization has made it fashionable with its existent employees with Glassdoor naming Mollie arsenic 1 of the champion fintechs to enactment for successful the Netherlands. The institution has besides received certification from Great Place to Work.

Mollie chose Maastricht for its divers and planetary workforce, with implicit 63 languages spoken crossed the city. This volition let Mollie to cater to a wide scope of markets from the hub, successful particular, its French, Dutch, German and English-speaking customers and partners. Maastricht is well-known for its world-class higher acquisition institutions, and galore graduates take to marque the metropolis their location aft completing their studies. As a result, Mollie plans to enactment with section universities and schools, providing presentations and workshops to enactment students arsenic they participate the nonrecreational environment.

More broadly, the institution plans to go a cardinal portion of the Maastricht ecosystem, partnering with section businesses to assistance them grow, and providing enactment to determination non-profit organisations arsenic portion of firm work initiatives.

“Mollie is going done an bonzer signifier of maturation and it’s captious we guarantee our customers stay our apical priority,” said Shane Happach, CEO, Mollie. “We are excited to unfastened our fintech Centre of Excellence successful Maastricht. The metropolis has a chiseled and wide endowment excavation that volition enactment our company’s expansion.  We’re aiming to prosecute 200-250 ambitious and talented caller Mollies, astatine each stages of their careers crossed the gamut of roles wrong Mollie – from engineering to support, commerce to compliance. We privation Maastricht to consciousness similar an hold of our Amsterdam office and are anxious to replicate our company’s bosom and psyche astatine the Eiffel building.”

“The accomplishment of Europe’s fastest increasing payments work supplier is simply a testament to the spot of Maastricht arsenic an planetary city,” said Vivianne Heijnen, Vice Mayor of Maastricht. “Maastricht is uniquely positioned successful the bosom of Europe with its beardown work-life balance, starring universities and divers colonisation of multilingual citizens who bring antithetic perspectives and skills to bear. It’s fitting that a existent payments innovator should marque its caller location successful the birthplace of the Euro. We look guardant to welcoming Mollie to Maastricht and moving with it arsenic it helps our section assemblage to grow.”

The centre volition beryllium overseen by Julien Cordonnier, Mollie COO and formerly a Senior Director astatine Uber, who joined successful May. It volition unfastened successful June 2022,  and 25 radical person already been hired successful the region.

Details of the roles Mollie is hiring for its Maastricht fintech Centre of Excellence tin beryllium found here.

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