Monneo enlists Coinbase to allow invoices to be paid in crypto 

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[email protected] September 21, 2021

Monneo, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a virtual IBAN and firm relationship provider, has enlisted cryptocurrency speech Coinbase, successful a determination that volition alteration outgo of invoices successful a scope of cryptocurrencies. The caller work volition beryllium disposable for B2B invoice colony and is supported by 2 of Monneo’s spouse banks.

Coinbase, a unafraid online exchange platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing integer currencies is simply a person successful the cryptocurrency industry.

Lili Metodieva, Managing Director of Monneo, comments: “We are excited to connection corporates an further method of payment. Monneo volition intimately show the motorboat and implementation of this caller work truthful that it is unafraid and reliable for some payers and payees.

“Increasingly companies successful the IT and bundle sectors contented invoices with the enactment to settee via cryptocurrency, arsenic good arsenic accepted currency. Through its narration with Coinbase, Monneo is responding to lawsuit request and remains astatine the forefront promoting flexibility successful however payments are executed.

“In its platform, Monneo offers payments successful 130+ fiat currencies to which starring cryptocurrencies are present added. Essentially payments successful a cryptocurrency are nary antithetic from FX payments via fiat currencies. The mechanisms are the same”.

Lili added: “Whatever one’s position connected cryptocurrency, it is present to stay. Many radical spot some the worth of it and bask utilizing it. We judge that by moving with Coinbase, Monneo is offering its customers the highest standards successful the cryptocurrency market.

Online merchants and B2B companies tin acceptable up aggregate IBANs successful their company’s sanction crossed multiple banks from Monneo’s network.

With its precocious work modular and “private banking” attack towards concern customers, combined with its expertise and knowledge in each aspects of merchant payments, Monneo’s customers tin person and nonstop payments successful much than 130 currencies internationally. For further accusation visit

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