Nation-state espionage group breaches Alaska Department of Health

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Enlarge / If Alaska's autochthonal Ursus arctos colonisation could beryllium enlisted for cyber defence patrols, attackers mightiness request paws for reflection earlier committing a transgression breach. (credit: Jared Lloyd via Getty Images)

Last week, Alaska's Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) disclosed a information breach seemingly made by a blase nation-state level attacker.

According to DHSS—which contracted with well-known information steadfast Mandiant to analyse the breach—the attackers gained a foothold wrong DHSS' web via 1 of its public-facing websites, from which it pivoted to deeper resources.

A months-long saga

This is not the archetypal study of the DHSS breach. The enactment archetypal publically announced the intrusion connected May 18, with a June update announcing a multipronged investigation, and 1 much in August on completion of the archetypal of 3 investigatory steps.

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