NeoXam Partners with Data Management Consultant Soranus

1 month ago 13

NeoXam, a starring fiscal bundle company, has signed a strategical statement with Soranus, experts successful information absorption consultancy, to enactment lawsuit implementation projects crossed Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The confederation strengthens NeoXam’s award-winning endeavor information absorption solution NeoXam DataHub, which is geared towards solving today’s cardinal challenges of fiscal institutions – including rising marketplace information costs. NeoXam’s DataHub level enables fiscal institutions to amended recognize and tackle a wider breadth of marketplace and notation information challenges specified arsenic information cost, multi-vendor strategies, reconciling assorted sources and SLA management.

Philipp Sfeir, General Manager EMEA North + ZAF astatine NeoXam, says: “Soranus’s manufacture experience, merchandise cognize however and unsocial determination narration web enables america to widen the scope of our established DataHub platform. As the marketplace scenery evolves, we are keen to assistance much bargain broadside and merchantability broadside firms to woody much efficaciously with the detonation successful information request and costs portion ensuring operational efficiency.”

Ingo Fritzen, Managing Partner astatine Soranus adds: “We are excited to enactment a proven planetary information absorption supplier similar NeoXam presumption their concern successful the crossed the Swiss and Liechtenstein regions. With our extended manufacture acquisition and narration web we are assured to assistance boosting success.”

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