Nets and Ethoca Partner to Reduce Chargebacks, Friendly Fraud and Transaction Confusion

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Nets, a starring European outgo work provider, and Ethoca, a Mastercard company, contiguous announced a caller concern that volition assistance merchants and banks minimise chargebacks and trim user transaction confusion. It volition besides assistance trim cases of affable fraud, which hap erstwhile a lawsuit claims a morganatic complaint arsenic fraud – often due to the fact that they simply bash not admit it connected their slope statement.

The concern volition alteration amended sharing of confirmed fraud and quality accusation – arsenic good arsenic affluent acquisition details – betwixt Nets’ merchant and issuer customers. By sharing this information, the quality solution process is moved upstream and volition yet assistance trim chargebacks and make amended lawsuit experiences. More transactions are taking spot digitally today, making the quality to grip chargebacks and heighten transaction transparency progressively important. For businesses, this besides means mitigating the antagonistic interaction they whitethorn person connected gross and the wide lawsuit experience. Chargebacks are estimated to total $35 cardinal globally in 2021 alone, and over 96% of customers privation much information in their integer banking application(s) to assistance recognize what they bought.

Robert Hoffmann, CEO, Nets Merchant Services, said: “We person extended cognition and acquisition successful chargeback prevention and this concern volition further assistance america conscionable our customers’ needs, enabling america to proceed delivering best-in-class solutions for issuers and merchants. It will let america to supply confirmed fraud and lawsuit quality accusation to merchants for pre-chargeback resolution, importantly reducing their fraud and chargeback related costs. By preventing invalid disputes upstream, it volition alteration our merchants to enactment connected existent fraud and morganatic disputes overmuch much effectively.”

Jason Howard, Executive Vice President, Ethoca, added: “This concern with Nets extends our existing planetary web of merchant and issuer collaboration, helping america further trim the costly issues of chargebacks and disputes, portion helping deliver trust and transparency for the cardholder.”

Nets’ customers volition summation entree to Ethoca’s planetary web of fraud and acquisition details successful the pursuing ways:

Fraud and Dispute Information:

  • Issuers volition beryllium capable to stock their confirmed fraud and lawsuit quality accusation straight with merchants done Ethoca Alerts. Merchants volition past beryllium capable to usage those alerts for pre-chargeback resolution.
  • Merchants tin proactively enactment by resolving and/or stopping the bid service, efficaciously preventing the request for a chargeback and consequent nonaccomplishment successful revenue.

Rich Purchase Detail:

  • Issuers volition summation entree to merchant acquisition details, specified arsenic wide merchant names, logos and adjacent afloat integer receipts, which tin beryllium utilized to heighten their integer banking platforms oregon equip their back-office teams.
  • Nets volition beryllium capable to marque integer receipt accusation disposable to issuers. Providing cardholders with this enhanced level of acquisition item straight done their slope volition assistance trim cases of affable fraud caused by transaction confusion.
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