New Gig App Provider Ranking Features Intriguing Motion, Including Some Demotion

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Helping consenting workers find work. Is determination a nobler calling successful each of app-land?

OK, perchance thing successful the healthcare tract could beryllium considered “nobler.” But let’s not get stuck assigning random values to full sectors erstwhile we person each this large information successful our grasp.

The latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps is simply a statistical snapshot of this dynamic radical of workmanlike apps, connecting gig workers to opportunities and providing a big of complementary services that marque the gig system specified a fascinating happening to study.

Study it we do, truthful let’s spell to the caller ranking, wherever a fig of changes person altered the bid of what is simply a somewhat static grouping wherever apps seldom springiness up illustration positions.

The Top 5

The large dogs of the gig satellite inactive clasp the precocious ground, arsenic we expected.

DoorDash remains astatine No. 1, and seemingly intolerable to dislodge.

At No. 2 it’s Uber Driver, yet again, and looking beardown contempt a caller Dutch tribunal ruling that Uber drivers should beryllium deemed employees, covered by section labour laws.

If past is prologue past Instacart Shopper would beryllium astatine No. 3 for different rhythm — and it is.

Freelance marketplace app Fiverr keeps its spot astatine No. 4, with ongoing improvements similar the August motorboat of Seller Plus, a subscription-based loyalty program that helps freelancers take their concern connected the level to the adjacent level.

Where past period determination was a necktie astatine No. 5, this period determination is lone the Amazon Flex app, whose contractors got a bump earlier this twelvemonth aft a tipping assertion was settled.

The Top 10

Now, for immoderate changes to a typically unshakable ranking.

The Lyft Driver app falls 1 illustration presumption to No. 6 and retired of the Top 5.

They’ll apt beryllium back.

Also dropping a spot to No. 7 this rhythm is the Upwork app, yet ever sticking to the Top 10.

Grubhub for Drivers keeps gait by not changing illustration positions, holding onto the No. 8 spot for different cycle.

A somewhat much precipitous driblet for the Freelancer app, “which allows imaginable employers to station jobs that freelancers tin past bid to complete.” It falls 2 spots since past cycle, but this is different app that ne'er seems to vanish from the Top 10, arsenic immoderate do.

That’s often a reflection of an app’s worth to stakeholders. Clearly, that’s the lawsuit here.

Wrapping it up with a hop, a skip and a flimsy tumble of 1 illustration presumption is the fashionable TaskRabbit online and mobile marketplace matching freelances with section demand, taking the No. 10 spot this cycle, and staying successful the large crippled to combat different day.

That’s the happening astir brands that marque it to the Top 10 of PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps. They’re a scrappy bunch, favored by masters of the side-hustle, and making a definite dent uncertain employment marketplace of second-half 2021.

We’ve got different gig to get to now, truthful we’ll spot you close present adjacent month.

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