Novidea Hires Julie Shafiki as Chief Marketing Officer to Drive Global Brand Awareness and Growth

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Novidea, creator of a born-on-the-cloud, data-driven level that optimizes the full security argumentation and organisation lifecycle, has named Julie Shafiki its caller Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Novidea’s born-on-the-cloud security level is built connected Salesforce. It provides a customer-focused solution for brokers, agencies, and MGAs seeking to much efficaciously negociate the full argumentation and organisation lifecycle crossed each lines of business.

Created specifically for security professionals, Novidea turns information into actionable insights. With real-time visibility into each facet of the security business, wide reports, and almighty analytics tools, brokers, agencies and MGAs tin adjacent much income and amended lawsuit relationships.

Growth astatine Novidea has been driven by these customers’ request to determination from bequest systems to a genuinely cloud-based, data-driven platform. This request has been accelerated and pushed into the spotlight by an accrued request to enactment enactment connected the determination anyplace and anytime.

As CMO, Shafiki heads up Novidea’s planetary selling strategy, including gathering marque awareness, public/analyst relations, pb generation, integer marketing, merchandise marketing, arsenic good arsenic field, partner, and lawsuit marketing.

“I was drawn to articulation Novidea by the company’s wide vision. Novidea is delivering existent innovation, with a game-changing level that is genuinely transforming the mode security brokers, agents, and MGAs work, bringing them each into the integer translation age,” said Shafiki.

She added: “I besides emotion the Novidea culture, which is based connected communal respect and values radical for their professionalism, ideas, and for being decent quality beings. Working with Novidea’s apical talent, I volition institute a selling strategy that expands our marque consciousness and maturation connected a planetary scale.”

Over the past 25 years, Shafiki has built adept teams, taking high-growth planetary exertion companies to their adjacent signifier of concern maturity, including 3 IPOs and 1 M&A. Most recently, she served arsenic CMO for Kryon, a person successful endeavor automation.

Prior to Kryon, Julie worked for a fig of fast-growth companies, including Voyager Labs, Tufin® (NYSE: TUFN), Lumenis, Comverse, PowerDsine (NASDAQ: MCHP), and Amdocs (NASDAQ: DOX). She holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a BA from Colgate University successful New York.

Roi Agababa, CEO of Novidea, said: “A cardinal facet of our maturation strategy astatine Novidea is to prosecute apical endowment with a proven grounds of success. Julie is simply a premier illustration of the benignant of dedicated, experienced nonrecreational we privation connected our team. We’re thrilled to person her connected committee arsenic we proceed to grow into caller planetary markets.”

The summation of Shafiki is the latest successful a bid of important milestones for Novidea. In June 2021, the institution raised $30 Million successful a Series B circular of fundraising. In August, Novidea joined the ACORD Solutions Group to assistance signifier the aboriginal of the security market. And successful October 2021, Novidea was named to the FinTech Global’s InsurTech100 database for 2 consecutive years.

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