Online Marketplace Jumia Taps Into African Consumers’ Appetite for Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday mightiness person started successful the U.S., but the yearly retail frenzy has exploded successful popularity crossed the African portion successful caller years, with radical flocking to instrumentality vantage of the champion deals retailers person to offer.

Africa-focused online marketplace Jumia was speedy to pat into this accidental erstwhile it introduced the lawsuit 9 years agone crossed its African markets, focusing connected Lagos and Cairo, the firm’s apical 2 cities with the astir measurement of orders.

Since then, the institution has achieved record-breaking occurrence with the event, and institution information shows that user appetite for Black Friday has been increasing crossed the portion year-on-year.

During Black Friday 2020, apical sellers connected the level recorded a 141% year-on-year maturation successful items sold, with 1 retired of 3 clicks being a caller consumer. Additionally, the institution said it saw expanding marque appetite crossed each 10 Jumia markets during past year’s sale, which ran passim each 4 Fridays of November.

That inclination is expected to proceed during this year’s variation of “Jumia Black Friday,” moving from November 5-30.

The Nigeria-based steadfast has partnered with brands similar HP, Adidas, Unilever and Diageo, arsenic good arsenic with thousands of sellers, to connection consumers the champion deals connected a wide scope of products.

“The Black Friday run has been a occurrence year-on-year and is the biggest merchantability of the year,” Jumia Nigeria CEO Massimiliano Spalazzi reportedly told Lagos-based publication, Vanguard. “This year’s run volition absorption connected strengthening our presumption arsenic a marque wrong the African market, and besides providing enactment to our sellers.”

Olajumoke Bolu-Kujero, main selling serviceman astatine Jumia Nigeria, added that ‘‘daily games, premier members dedicated offers, JumiaPay discounts (cashback oregon flash discount), and influencer unboxing, and vouchers are besides successful the kit box, among galore different breathtaking offers consumers volition payment [from] during the Black Friday window.’’

A akin Black Friday run has been launched successful Egypt — and to entice consumers to walk a small much than they different would, Jumia has partnered with National Bank of Egypt and different banking institutions to connection a bargain now, wage aboriginal (BNPL) work to consumers astatine zero-interest.

Consumers utilizing the JumiaPay App tin present dispersed payments implicit 24 months utilizing recognition cards from institutions including Banque Misr and Alexandria Bank. Jumia volition besides connection a 10% discount connected some Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) cards and Banque Misr ATM cards.

The erstwhile Black Friday information is simply a beardown denotation of the affirmative effect the lawsuit is having connected eCommerce and integer payments connected the continent, not to notation however it is boosting income for the tiny and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) utilizing the Jumia platform, including the 11,000-plus sellers connected the Jumia Nigeria level alone.

The Great Shift to Essentials

Last month, Jumia published its archetypal Africa e-Commerce Index 2021 report, compiled successful collaboration with the United Nations Conference connected Trade and Development (UNCTAD), International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Mastercard.

Per the report, determination was a “great shift” successful buying habits crossed Jumia’s markets past year, from phones and electronics to buying for “everyday essentials” — a inclination expected to bespeak successful this year’s Black Friday sales.

That alteration was straight linked to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent stay-at-home restrictions. This besides led to a leap successful Jumia’s full income worth of fast-moving user goods (FMCG), manner and quality products, from 44% to 57% betwixt 2019 and 2020.

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In an interrogation with PYMNTS earlier this year, the company’s Executive Vice President of Financial Services, Sami Louali, said that the user clasp of FMCG means that Jumia volition prioritize gathering retired its logistics operations to conscionable the needs of buyers who privation groceries delivered the aforesaid time with ever-narrowing windows.

He added that buying for groceries online has besides fixed a tailwind to the adoption of JumiaPay, the company’s payments portion which was archetypal introduced successful 2016.

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Data from the company’s latest net study shows that transactions connected JumiaPay accrued by 34% to deed 3 cardinal successful the 3rd 4th of 2021, the fastest transactions maturation complaint of the past 5 quarters.

This maturation was driven chiefly by accelerating measurement maturation successful the nutrient transportation category.

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