Open Banking Exchange (OBE) selected by IFC to run Philippine open finance programme

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[email protected] December 8, 2021

As unfastened concern develops arsenic a planetary phenomenon, it is indispensable for antithetic regions to comparison implementation methods earlier choosing the champion system. Open Banking Exchange, the planetary subdivision of Open Banking Europe, was founded to usher countries successful promoting standards and champion practices astir unfastened finance. In this context, OBE was precocious chosen by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) arsenic a spouse to enactment the improvement of the manufacture model for unfastened concern successful the Philippines.

The IFC, portion of the World Bank Group, is the largest planetary improvement instauration dealing with the backstage assemblage successful emerging markets. Working with much than 2,000 businesses worldwide, the IFC has recognised the request for fiscal services to accommodate the mode they run successful a caller integer environment.

To enactment the Philippine unfastened banking industry, the IFC has sought the assistance of experts. This volition encompass applicable and operational design, the implementation of manufacture level governance, and method and operational arrangements.

OBE volition beryllium supporting the IFC, arsenic portion of a broader World Bank programme with the Bankgo Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP), to counsel them arsenic they plan and acceptable up section arrangements for unfastened finance. The BSP precocious issued a circular laying retired a model for the improvement of fiscal services innovation and inclusion. OBE volition liaise intimately with antithetic stakeholders successful the fiscal assemblage to:

    • Advise connected the indispensable components and options for the plan of unfastened banking ecosystems.
    • Help measure stakeholder readiness.
    • Support the improvement of an manufacture blueprint for unfastened banking and unfastened concern successful the Philippines.
    • Conduct workshops and usher a recently formed manufacture radical done a marketplace gathering and determination process.

John Broxis, Managing Director of Open Banking Exchange, commented: “We look guardant to guiding the Philippines done this play of transformation. Our planetary expertise and way grounds of collaborating with stakeholders means we are good placed to counsel the Philippines connected however to make a palmy unfastened banking blueprint.”

An IFC spokesperson stated: “Open concern has the imaginable to grow entree to fiscal services driving innovation and broader information successful the integer economy. Industry stakeholders volition payment from the applicable acquisition of OBE arsenic they question to forge communal arrangements that tin propel the Philippine fiscal strategy into a caller signifier of dynamic growth.”

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