Oppo ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 unveiled list of supported Oppo, OnePlus devices revealed

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Oppo has yet unveiled its latest ColorOS 12 bundle successful China. Based connected Android 12, this caller OS promises to bring with itself a big of features, and plan changes. The OS brings with itself what Oppo is calling the responsive plan strategy with Omojis and floating windows. The bundle besides promises immoderate absorbing show and privateness upgrades. 

Interestingly, OnePlus has besides announced that it volition beryllium merging its OxygenOS with Oppo's ColorOS and revealed the archetypal of its phones to diagnostic this merged OS volition beryllium its adjacent flagship, successful 2022. However, for now, Oppo has released a database of devices that volition beryllium getting the ColorOS 12 update. 

OnePlus has besides  announced that it volition  beryllium  merging its OxygenOS with Oppo's ColorOS

Phones getting ColorOS 12

Oppo has confirmed that it volition merchandise the update to implicit 50 smartphones from Oppo and OnePlus. The archetypal phones to get the merchandise volition beryllium Oppo's flagship Find X3 and the OnePlus 9 bid adjacent month. Over the people of the adjacent 2 months, the update volition past beryllium rolled retired to previous-gen Oppo flagships, followed by the OnePlus 9R. The update is besides planned to beryllium rolled retired to older flagships successful the archetypal fractional of 2022.

These phones volition see the likes of Oppo Find X2 Pro, Find X2 Pro Lamborghini Edition, Find X2, Find X2 League of Legends S10 Limited Edition, Reno6 Pro+ 5G, Reno6 Pro+ 5G Detective Conan Limited Edition, Reno6 Pro 5G and Reno6 5G. These devices person been slated to get the update successful November. 

Oppo has besides revealed the database of devices that volition get the update successful December. These devices see Oppo Ace2, Ace2 EVA Limited Edition, Reno5 Pro+ 5G, Reno5 Pro+, Artist Limited Edition 5G, Reno5 Pro 5G, Reno5 5G, Reno5 K 5G, K9 5G, A95 5G and A93 5G.

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