Pipe Debuts UK Recurring Revenue Trading Platform

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Recurring gross trading level Pipe announced the offering is present disposable successful the U.K., a maturation inaugural that has the institution adding a brace of tech veterans to its planetary enactment ranks.

More than 8,000 U.S. companies person signed up connected Pipe this year, with much than fractional of them coming from concern segments including direct-to-consumer (D2C) subscription, spot management, streaming services and service-based businesses, the institution said successful a Tuesday (Sept. 21) press release.

“I near the U.K. for the United States 7 years agone arsenic it provided the champion backing situation to physique my archetypal exertion company, and it is enormously gratifying to bring those aforesaid opportunities to the burgeoning ecosystem of exertion companies successful the U.K.,” Pipe Co-founder and Co-CEO Harry Hurst said successful the institution announcement.

“If Pipe existed a decennary agone and offered company-friendly financing options, I mightiness ne'er person near the U.K.,” helium said.

As portion of Pipe’s U.K. expansion, Brad Coffey has joined arsenic main lawsuit officer, wherever helium volition beryllium liable for driving continued maturation and enlargement of verticals beyond Pipe’s archetypal motorboat marketplace of SaaS.

Coffey was main strategy serviceman astatine HubSpot, wherever helium led the company’s semipermanent strategy connected products, packaging and pricing and oversaw its partnerships, ventures, and firm improvement teams.

“Pipe has a uncommon accidental to fundamentally alteration the mode companies money their growth, and to assistance signifier the FinTech market,” said Coffey.

Pipe has besides added Sid Orlando, erstwhile editor-in-chief of FinTech person Stripe, and earlier that, manager of curation and contented astatine Kickstarter. She volition pb Pipe’s contented instauration and physique its repository of entrepreneur- and founder-focused content, portion expanding planetary consciousness of alternate finance.

“Pipe has already go a compelling marque successful FinTech successful small implicit a twelvemonth since its launch,” said Orlando successful the institution announcement. “I’m inspired by the possibilities Pipe offers founders and looking guardant to moving with the Pipe squad to further amended the marketplace — from early-stage startups to nationalist companies — connected however to standard without unnecessary dilution oregon restrictive debt.”

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