R/GA London partners with NBK to create ‘Weyay’ – the first fully-digital bank in Kuwait

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 R/GA London is pleased to denote it has partnered with the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) connected the motorboat of Weyay, the precise archetypal fully-digital slope successful Kuwait. Built from the crushed up successful conscionable 12 months, Weyay is designed to service the fiscal and manner needs of young Kuwaitis. The caller banking level is portion of NBK’s wider integer strategy to supply customers with cutting-edge exertion and tools.

The ambition of Weyay was to physique a world-class banking acquisition for young Kuwaitis. R/GA London collaborated with the NBK squad to make a modern, flexible, ocular and verbal identity. The sanction Weyay (‘with me’) was selected to bespeak NBK’s personalised attack to integer banking, and the logo was created to signify progression and growth.

Weyay’s marque individuality is brought to beingness done unsocial features, initially launching with accelerated integer onboarding, afloat integer relationship absorption and allowance transfer. Later successful 2022 volition spot differentiators specified arsenic speedy P2P payments, savings pots and goals, bills split, and integrated marque partnerships besides spell live.  As the country’s archetypal afloat integer bank, Weyay’s suite of fiscal services are built to assistance young radical consciousness empowered to negociate their finances and consciousness supported successful making decisions. The app is disposable successful some English and Arabic.

Rebecca Bezzina, SVP Managing Director R/GA London said: “Working with the National Bank of Kuwait to design, make and motorboat Weyay has been a existent honour. Through extended probe we learned what motivates young Kuwaitis and however we tin assistance them negociate their finances utilizing integer tools. Our associated purpose was to make a level that not lone works functionally but besides intuitively, truthful it tin proceed to conscionable the needs of customers arsenic their priorities and circumstances evolve.”

Shaikha Al-Bahar, NBK Group Deputy CEO stated: “We are excited to beryllium offering the archetypal mobile banking level successful Kuwait, offering young radical prime successful however they negociate their finances arsenic they progressively live  digital-first lives. The intuitive Weyay level enables young radical to consciousness empowered and successful power of their wealth and is designed to accommodate and turn with customers arsenic priorities change.”

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