Rapyd Acquires Hong Kong-Based Neat to Expand Small and Medium Business Trade Capabilities across Asia and Globally

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Rapyd, a planetary Fintech-as-a-Service institution has agreed to get Hong Kong-based Neat, a cross-border commercialized enabling level for SMBs and startups. Neat provides afloat institution incorporation, concern accounts, planetary outgo postulation and disbursements, arsenic good arsenic recognition card-based superior enlargement services. Terms of the woody were not disclosed, and it is taxable to regulatory approval.

By integrating Neat into the Rapyd Global Payments Network, tiny and mean businesses volition beryllium capable to:

  • Incorporate caller companies successful minutes, streamline receivables and payables successful a azygous venue, starting with Hong Kong and soon successful different trade-friendly markets astir the world
  • Offer real-time high-value payments successful Hong Kong via FPS, CHATS, and SWIFT
  • Accelerate payments to suppliers crossed Greater China
  • Empower astute concern and worker spending via virtual and carnal Visa cards
  • Provide eligible businesses with accelerated moving superior done an in-wallet recognition line

Rapyd’s expertise successful delivering fintech services astatine standard coupled with its planetary payments web that supports much than 900 outgo methods successful implicit 100 countries and planetary payouts successful implicit 200 countries makes it uniquely suited to enactment entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) looking to incorporate, get online, and entree caller markets rapidly and inexpensively. Its easy-to-use API-based level simplifies analyzable cross-border payments processes which are captious for businesses looking to prosecute successful planetary trade. Neat’s services, capabilities, and licenses volition beryllium integrated into Rapyd’s level providing an easy-to-use online planetary commercialized solution optimized for SMBs, entrepreneurs, and increasing young companies.

Joel Yarbrough, Managing Director of Rapyd Ventures and Vice President of Asia Pacific, commented connected the acquisition, stating: “Neat has enabled thousands of businesses to intelligently negociate their commercialized flows and moving capital, done accelerated incorporation, virtual accounts, payables, and walk management. As SMBs request to spell integer and globalize astatine an adjacent faster complaint owed to the pandemic, unneurotic Neat and Rapyd tin assistance businesses everyplace merchantability their goods and services successful caller markets with little complexity, flatten FX fees, to unlock gross and maturation imaginable that would different beryllium inaccessible to them.”

David Rosa, CEO and co-founder of Neat, commented further astir the acquisition, stating: “Neat has been executing towards a imaginativeness of becoming the astir fashionable outgo level for planetary SMBs. Joining the Rapyd household turbo-charges our capabilities and we are ace excited astir it. Our broad concern solution, high-touch enactment model, fantabulous onboarding acquisition and easy-to-use capabilities are an perfect complement to Rapyd’s world-class exertion and planetary payments network. Together, this makes america a strategical spouse to SMBs that privation the state and quality to recognize their ain ambitions, careless of their determination oregon wherever they spot concern opportunities crossed the globe.”

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