Regal Partners with Flexa to Enable Digital Currency Payments for Movies and More

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Lewis Johnson-Pitt November 25, 2021

Regal, a subsidiary of Cineworld Group and the relation of 1 of the largest and astir geographically divers theatre circuits in the United States, contiguous announced that it has partnered with Flexa, the starring pure-digital payments network, to unlock entree to integer currency payments for patrons astir the world.

Today, crossed its full footprint of much than 7,000 screens successful much than 500 theatres, Regal is helping patrons to easy wage for movie tickets, popcorn, and much utilizing a wide assortment of integer currencies—from bitcoin and ether to dogecoin and Dai—all instantly and with zero hazard of fraud.

Regal understands that integer assets are a rapidly increasing and progressively important signifier of value. By adopting integer currencies for outgo successful its theatres, Regal is offering much convenience and prime for movie-goers than ever before. Through its concern with Flexa, Regal is enabling instant payments utilizing dozens of integer currencies, specified as:

  • Cryptocurrencies including bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC), and dogecoin (DOGE);
  • Digital dollars and stablecoins including USD Coin (USDC), Dai (DAI), and Gemini dollar (GUSD); and
  • Digital tokens including LINK, ATOM, Basic Attention Token (BAT), and overmuch more.

Via the Flexa network, Regal is accepting these caller currencies successful a safe, reliable, and trusted way. Flexa’s guaranteed settlement, flexible integration options, fraud-proof architecture, and breadth of currency and outgo options lick enduring challenges and points of friction that are presently hindering the wide adoption of integer assets. In theatres, Flexa is moving to assistance Regal alteration amended payments for arsenic galore antithetic assets and crossed arsenic galore antithetic protocols (including the Lightning Network) arsenic possible. For example, erstwhile paying astatine Regal with Flexa-enabled apps, guests volition soon person the enactment to nexus their Regal Crown Club loyalty relationship for peculiar rewards.

“Regal is committed to being ‘The Best Place to Watch a Movie.’ As much of our customers request integer plus solutions and safer outgo methods, we are grateful to person recovered a spouse successful Flexa, a institution that is revolutionizing integer payments with cutting-edge bundle and an innovative concern platform,” said Ken Thewes, Chief Marketing Officer astatine Regal. “This breathtaking concern enables america to easy and seamlessly judge integer currencies – including dogecoin, stablecoins and bitcoin – crossed our theatre footprint successful a elemental and wholly contactless way, providing our guests with the flexibility and information they merit arsenic we embark connected a caller era.”

“Flexa is committed to helping merchants alteration easier, faster, and safer outgo options for their customers, and that’s conscionable 1 of the reasons we’re incredibly arrogant to enactment with Regal, whose dedication to creating an enjoyable and wide accessible cinematic acquisition for their loyal patrons is 2nd to none,” said Trevor Filter, co-founder of Flexa. “We’re precise pleased to spouse with Regal arsenic we enactment to alteration cosmopolitan integer currency outgo options for movies and more, and assistance bring the aboriginal of payments to cinema.”

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