Sentifi announces addition of alternative data into Morningstar Data products

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Sentifi, an award-winning alternate information provider, has contiguous announced that Morningstar volition see Sentifi’s analytics successful its Data products.

Morningstar volition beryllium integrating Sentifi’s sentiment and attraction analytics into its Data products arsenic an further toolset, further equipping redistributors, advisors, and plus managers to support gait with marketplace shifts and terms signals, giving them the quality to discern the concern opportunities and risks these shifts represent.

In today’s challenging fiscal markets, a wide premix of investors person turned to alternate information to amended recognize marketplace shifts and dynamics, and to find rapidly erstwhile and wherefore the terms of circumstantial stocks and fiscal products move. At the aforesaid time, these investors are seeking to expect the interaction that section and planetary events volition person connected their portfolio.

Sentifi sources its information from implicit 500m tweets, blogs, forums, and quality articles each time and tin assistance place aboriginal murmurs of momentum shifts for implicit 59,000 stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices, portion besides monitoring allocation decisions crossed 150,000 progressive and passive funds. Reliable, granular and timely, these datasets supply investors with the indispensable tools to way unexpected marketplace momentum shifts successful real-time, arsenic they interaction portfolios.

Marina Goche, CEO of Sentifi, said: “Enriching Morningstar products with Sentifi analytics offers investors the accidental to summation entree to Sentifi’s analytics successful a seamless way. Sentifi delivers transparent marketplace signals that whitethorn aboveground caller concern opportunities, captious buying oregon selling moments, oregon place changing portfolio hazard arsenic these materialise successful societal media, news, forums (including Reddit), and blogs.”

“Including alternate information signals specified arsenic societal media sentiment successful Morningstar’s Data products helps investors way and negociate immoderate interaction of trends connected an investment’s performance,” said Connor Sloman, Global Head of Morningstar Data Products.  “We are excited to incorporated Sentifi’s alternate data-based analytics into our products, utilizing their established AI motor and wide planetary coverage.”

The integration volition instrumentality spot during the archetypal 4th of 2022.

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