Shopify Launches Global ERP Merchant Program

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Multinational eCommerce institution Shopify is partnering with a bid of endeavor assets readying (ERP) providers to supply nonstop integrations into the Shopify App Store, allowing for seamless connections betwixt workflows and much data-driven decisions.

Shopify says much than 10,000 merchants usage Shopify Plus to negociate their measurement and complexity, including Allbirds, Heinz, Schwinn and Lord & Taylor. The caller Global ERP Program volition springiness them a centralized strategy that connects their commerce level to fiscal and inventory data.

Through the program, merchants volition person entree to a suite of apps that are straight integrated with Shopify, removing the request to trust connected third-party implementations to link ERP resources. Merchants tin instantly link their ERP solutions for NetSuite, Infor, Acumatica and Brightpearl to their Shopify stores, and an integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central volition beryllium disposable successful aboriginal 2022.

“At a clip erstwhile merchants request to harness information everyplace to alteration the buying experience, we’re excited to link information betwixt ERP and commerce,” Charles Lamanna, firm vice president of Microsoft Business Applications and Platform, said successful a quality release. “Innovation begins with data-fueled insights, and much connected operations volition assistance merchants instrumentality the manufacture into the future.”

Mark Bergen, vice president astatine Shopify, said successful a connection that the Global ERP Program demonstrates the company’s dedication to supporting endeavor merchants. “At Shopify, we enactment businesses during each stages of their journeys, from archetypal merchantability to afloat scale,” Bergen said. “Regardless of their size, maturity oregon complexity, merchants tin thrive and turn with assurance connected Shopify.”

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The Global ERP Program is Shopify’s latest determination to circular retired its suite of services for merchants, which besides includes Shopify Payments, Shopify Shipping, Shopify Capital and Shopify Fulfillment.

“We are present to marque it easier for anyone with an thought and ambition to motorboat a business,” Shopify President Harvey Finkelstein said earlier this year. “Entrepreneurship is thriving, and trends similar omnichannel buying and direct-to-consumer selling connection adjacent greater opportunities.”

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