Singapore-based Insurtech Firm Surer Raises US$1m in Seed Round

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[email protected] October 14, 2021

Surer has raised US$1M successful its effect circular of backing from Norwegian backstage concern institution Kistefos, planetary specializer insurer Markel Corporation done its insurtech investing arm, Markel Digital Investments, and an angel investor. Antler, a planetary early-stage task superior firm, besides invested successful Surer successful an earlier round.

Launched successful September 2020, Surer is simply a cloud-based insurtech level that has created a integer ecosystem wherever security intermediaries and insurers tin leverage its exertion to supercharge workflows, processes, recruitment and organisation of products. Surer volition assistance thrust web orchestration, enabling businesslike connection and transmission of accusation to assistance some parties service the extremity policyholders better.

With the caller funds, Surer intends to bolster its halfway exertion level and put successful its tech squad to present connected its merchandise roadmap.

“We are pleased to person beardown investors onboard who stock our imaginativeness to lick the occupation of a immense mismatch successful request and proviso successful a US$1.7 trillion dollar wide security industry. With the caller funds, we judge Surer tin further capitalise connected our unsocial presumption to physique a afloat connected integer ecosystem that drives a ‘triple-win’ concern wherever policyholders tin beryllium served with greater prime due to the fact that of a highly businesslike intermediary income unit that tin present standard their concern without impediments which yet delivers much concern for Insurers. This integer ecosystem volition yet see merchants who privation to bundle security with the products they are selling. Kistefos has a beardown way grounds and knowing of enactment for its portfolio companies portion the committedness of an influential manufacture subordinate similar Markel confirms the imaginable of our concern and solution.” said Co-founder, Gordon Tay.

Since its launch, Surer has seen beardown traction with implicit 350 intermediary signups and demo requests, much than 1,000 security proposals sent and implicit S$1.2M successful gross written premiums (GWP) transacted connected Surer. It expects to spot the GWP transacted connected its level to transverse the S$2M people by the extremity of 2021.

“Kistefos has a beardown concern portfolio successful Norway and Europe, including companies delivering fiscal services. We are seeing immense imaginable successful Asian markets, and Surer has shown the quality to capitalise connected the inclination of integer translation successful the security manufacture successful the region.” said Bengt Rem, CEO of Kistefos.

Surer was precocious ranked among the apical 3 companies for ‘Insurtech of the Year’ astatine the ‘6th Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Award’ and is certified by the Singapore FinTech Association arsenic an Insurtech work provider.

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